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The Padre Hotel is haunted! Well, maybe

The Padre Hotel

The downtown Padre Hotel at sunset.

If you're really, really, really into Halloween, you're probably really, really, really into the whole haunted house thing. But how does one indulge that proclivity in an ordinary city like Bakersfield? We don't have any old, creaky castles!

Ah, but we have the “shining star" of downtown — the Padre Hotel, one of at least 10 supposedly haunted places in Bakersfield. 

Indeed, the eight-story Spanish colonial revival structure that comprises the Padre Hotel houses more than just Bakersfield history. It harbors something more chilling, too.

First constructed in 1928 with 198 guest rooms, its auspicious and flamboyant beginning took a turn when, in 2008, renovation crews began to report tools disappearing from their work site. Many have attributed it to the former owner, Milton "Spartacus" Miller, who may not have been pleased by his building's restoration, The Californian reported in 2011.

Different stories linger about the origin of some of the ghosts, ranging from people who died in a 1950s fire to suicide victims who jumped off the roof.

The hotel's seventh floor is a particularly a hotbed; it is there that visitors most often say they saw or were pushed by spirits.

The most active such spirit is reportedly that of a little girl, still dressed in the garb of the 1920s, who can be heard giggling through the halls — and has left an immovable child-sized handprint in the hotel’s lobby cafe. Workers have repeatedly painted over the handprint, only to have it reappear.


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