Common sense...

It's not dead in Delano.

Educational Institutions need have the flexibility to deal with issues as they arise.

Can anyone see a downside to this,?


There is plenty of Cannabis within the community already.

Prohibition does not work, fear mongering Reefer Madness is not effective.

Even at a 3% THC content the crop would not be suitable for those that choose cannabis when the average THC content is over 10% for those that c…


I live in a downtown area, we have homeless and crime.

I know a lot of the homeless by sight, if not by name.

From my observation, there seems to small group of individuals, not homeless, who "run" the area. They take advantage of the homeless and commit most of the crime.


There are far more advanced countries, like Switzerland, who have already drive the research.

Housing, training, employment and treatment (not forced).

Surviving on the streets is not easy, the body is in a constant fight or flight mode with the added bonus of sleep deprivatio…


With California trying to phase out Oil, Kern county would be an ideal place to grow and process hemp.

Biofuel sounds like it would be a pretty good fit.

It would definitely create and save jobs.


Worried about people defecating in the streets?

Pretty sure a homeless shelter will have facilities for that.

One can even have showers too, so I've heard.

Many European cities have public restrooms.

Even Washington DC has public restrooms in good working order.


And Bakersfield is gearing up to jail the homeless and those struggling with substance use and mental health issues?


Cheaper than incarceration.