Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient Truth


How about: “Equal Rights for UNBORN women”?

Inconvenient Truth

No mystery to any of this.

2018 Gubernatorial Election Results:

Kern County: Newsom=41.1%, Cox=58.9%

Fresno County: Newsom=49.1%, Cox=50.9%

Newsom will never carry Kern, but he can buy The ‘Swing County’ of Fresno.

Inconvenient Truth

Another example of ‘Capital Punishment:’

If you have the Capital; you don’t get the Punishment.

Inconvenient Truth

Grateful men everywhere give thanks for a quiet Saturday off...

Inconvenient Truth

Oh, no. He cares alright.

Navin Gruesome hates Oil AND Conservatives and therefore, hates Kern County.

By restricting/eliminating oil production, he kills two birds with one stone.

Inconvenient Truth

I’m surprised StateLaw is still posting, given his/her complete loss of credibility in the ‘drunk officer with a firearm’ incident.

Probably a regressive bot...

Inconvenient Truth


Because it doesn’t exist.

You could look through the entire Penal Code and find nothing else to charge this officer with.

The only applicable charge is what the DA charged: 647(f).

So, “StateLaw” I say: “Shame on you!”

Inconvenient Truth

Still waiting for you to post the list of crimes you think he committed...

C’mon, “StateLaw” give us a list of the California code sections you think were violated...

Right, I thought so....

Inconvenient Truth

A) I am not an officer.

B) You apparently know NOTHING about state law.

If you think being drunk and in possession of a firearm is a crime in California, cite me the code section.

You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

Put up or shut up.

Inconvenient Truth

Since you seem intent on playing "Amateur DA," go ahead and tell us what additional charges should have been filed.

Go ahead, we're waiting...