David and Derek Carr have first-hand knowledge of the importance of having quality health care facilities accessible to those in need of vital medical treatment.

The two brothers have both experienced situations in which they, themselves, or immediate family members have required the services of a hospital.

That’s a big reason Derek, currently the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, and David a retired 10-year NFL signal caller, are official spokesmen for Dignity Health Central California.

The pair were at Mercy Hospital Southwest on Saturday morning promoting Dignity Health Mercy & Memorial Hospitals.

“We come out once a year to do all the commercials, pictures, and that kind of stuff,” Derek Carr said.

The two said they enjoy the experience and think its important that Bakersfield residents are aware of the important services provided by Dignity Health.

David and three of his children are Type 1 diabetics. His daughter, Piper, was born last year at Mercy Hospital Southwest.

“I’ve spent a lot of time at this facility, so I want people of this community to know it’s ok to bring your family here, to come to this hospital” David Carr said. “I know it can be a scary time when you have to come to the hospital. No one likes it. I don’t like coming to the hospital. But my experience here has always been positive.”

Derek has also had rely on medical care providers to assist with serious health issues.

Six years ago, his son, Dallas, was born with tangled intestines and had to have multiple surgeries at Children’s Hospital Central California to correct the issue.

Influenced by the experience, Derek became a spokesman for Valley Children’s Healthcare and started the DC4KIDS fund to ensure that pediatric kids are afforded top-notch health care.

“I want to be able to give help to families that are going through similar situations,” Derek Carr said.

Derek hopes to provide the Raiders with top-notch quarterback play this season.

He said he’s already been preparing for the upcoming NFL season. During the off season the Raiders made a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers to acquire perennial All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown and have also added a trio of first-round draft picks, including University of Alabama running back Josh Jacobs, to their roster.

“I’m excited; it will be fun,” Derek Carr said. “…Last year we had a lot of older guys on the end of their career and a lot of really young guys just starting, having no clue of what they’re doing. Now going into (this) season we have a good group of guys who have experience… Definitely, going into this year we’re more talented. There’s no secret about that…I’m not having to convince guys (this year) that we can do this. Everyone that walks into the building believes and expects that we should win everything that we do.”

Derek Carr said he likes what he’s seen so far from the extremely talented but sometimes volatile Brown.

The two have been spending time together this spring, working out.

“He likes it when you throw him a lot of passes,” Derek said. “I’ve thrown him the ball quite a bit..I’ll say this about him… There aren’t a lot of guys that really bust their tail to the extreme, especially when they’re the most talented person walking in the room. Antonio is someone who works extremely hard. I’ve never seen a receiver work like him. And I’ve been around some good ones.”

Derek said Brown texted him on Saturday morning wanting to get together and throw the ball around as soon the QB got back to the Bay Area.

“He’s relentless in his pursuit of wanting to be great,” Derek said. “I’m really fired up to be able to play with him.”

Derek said the Raiders expectations for this year include overtaking the Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs as the top team in the AFC West. Last year under new head coach John Gruden Oakland finished with a 4-12 while the Chiefs and Chargers both qualified for the playoffs.

“I think it’s been the toughest division in the league since I got (to Oakland),” Derek said. “… We were able to show last year, under some crazy circumstances that we could compete and beat some of these teams. So now, we’ve added some talent and it’s the second year under coach Gruden. We have a feel for things and we’re hitting the ground running this time instead of being behind the eight-ball trying to catch up to everybody.”

David Carr will continue to monitor Derek and the Raiders, as well as the rest of the NFL, this Fall through his twice-a-week job of working as studio analyst for the NFL Network.

David also plans to work once again as an assistant coach for brother Darren Carr, the head football coach at Bakersfield Christian High School. David’s son will play football at BCHS this Fall.

“I like to help inform people because football is misunderstood,” David said, regarding his job with the NFL Network. "It’s nice to control the narrative a little bit. A lot of time guys get a lot of credit or a lot of blame for things that they shouldn’t. I enjoy being able to explain the game to someone.”

For the two brothers, life is about a lot more than just football, though.

“If we can give people (going through serious health issues) peace or encouragement, I think that’s what it’s all about,” Derek said. “Our lives are way more important than just ours.”

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