The BCHS football team come on the field to start their 2017 football season in the Mission Bowl against Garces High.


(19) Centennial 28, Golden Valley 10, F

(1) Fresno-Central 30, (2) Liberty 3, F

Frontier 35, (12) Ridgeview 25, F

(16) Bakersfield Christian 35, Tulare-Mission Oak 6, F

(20) Stockdale 28, Atascadero 0, F

Tehachapi 28, (21) Garces 27, F (OT)

West 38, Chavez 36, F

Arroyo Grande 24, Independence 10, F

Shafter 42, Foothill 6, F

Highland 34, Kennedy 21, F

East 36, Mira Monte 0, F

North 40, Wasco 16, F

Porterville 33, Taft 6, 4Q

South 35, Arvin 13, F

McFarland at Oakhurst-Yosemite

Boron at Bishop

Maricopa at Desert

Templeton 30, Kern Valley 15, F

Santa Maria-Valley Christian Academy at Frazier Mountain

Acton-Vasquez at Rosamond (Saturday)


(7) Sanger 34, Clovis East 7 (Thursday)

Madera 7, Hanford 6 (Thursday)

(4) Clovis West 13, (6) Fresno-Edison 3, 2Q

(5) Tulare Union 21, (22) Visalia-Redwood 7, half

(8) Clovis-Buchanan 35, (23) Lemoore 0, 2Q

(10) Clovis 10, (25) Fresno-Bullard 7, 2Q

Atwater-Buhach Colony 20, (11) Clovis North 14, half

(14) Visalia-Central Valley Christian at Lindsay

Reedley at (15) Selma

(18) Fresno-Sunnyside at Visalia-Mt. Whitney

Kerman at Coalinga

Reedley-Immanuel at Chowchilla

Avenal at Corcoran

Visalia-El Diamante at Porterville-Monache

Fresno-McLane at Exeter

Fresno at Tranquillity

Porterville-Granite Hills at Orosi

Fresno-Hoover at Madera South

Orange Cove at Parlier

Mendota at Fresno-Roosevelt

Fowler at Tollhouse-Sierra

Riverdale at Hanford-Sierra Pacific

Kingsburg at Fresno-Washington Union

Farmersville at Woodlake

Boron at Bishop

Escalon at Liberty-Madera Ranchos

O’Neals-Minarets at Mariposa County

UPDATED, 10:24 p.m.: A 6-yard run by backup running back Grant Bloom for a first down at the Golden Valley 15, and that should just about do it here. 2:22 on the fourth-quarter clock. Centennial can't quite take knees, but they can come pretty close to running out the clock. 

And they will. Centennial will win this one, 28-10, a nice opening victory for the Golden Hawks, who have tougher challenges ahead. As for Golden Valley, they belonged on the same field as a Division I team and that says something. Depth will be a problem for this team, I think, but there's a lot of talent on this field.

28-10 is your final.

Among close games, Frontier tacked on a late TD and gave Chris Bandy a huge 35-25 win against Ridgeview.

UPDATED, 10:19 p.m.: Garces has scored on its opening OT possession in Tehachapi, but the Rams missed the PAT. That could be key. Warriors' turn now.

Here, Centennial has put in backup quarterabck Kyle Connelly, and he looks pretty sharp himself, completing two straight sideline passes to net 25 yards. The second one went for 15 yards to Luke Terrio, who's over 100 yards receiving on the night.

Tehachapi has scored – Connor Timm doing the honors – and the PAT is good. A 28-27 overtime win for the Warriors, and what a first victory for Doug DeGeer. Congratulations to the young coach.

UPDATED, 10:13 p.m.: Wow, a 66-yard TD pass for Frontier has given the Titans a 28-25 lead against Ridgeview with less than three minutes to play in that one. Ridgeview has one more chance to see-saw the game back in its favor. We'll keep an eye on that one.

A 10-yard keeper by Jones nets GV a first down here, but two plays later Jones is in trouble and forced out of bounds for a sack and a loss of 8 yards. Third and long again for this offense, which has gotten less than nothing (literally; negative-2 yards) out of its passing game. Jones drops again and can't pull the trigger again, and he's eventually wrapped up by Blake Fowler for another big loss. This could be the Bulldogs' last drive of the night with just over five minutes to play. 

Centennial will take over at its own 48, looking to run some clock.

UPDATED, 10:05 p.m.: Golden Valley needs a stop in pretty short order to start the fourth quarter here, because I don't see the Bulldogs scoring three more times in this game. Gotta at least keep it a two-possession game.

First down Centennial at the GV 44. About three and a half that time for Hartsfield, and then a deep ball broken up by the Golden Valley secondary. That was almost a falling-down interception, but not quite. So third down and a chance for the Bulldogs to get out of this drive. Alexander slips a tackle in the backfield and he's loose. He's got the first down. Oh, man. Golden Valley had a chance at the big defensive play, and Alexander got away. And then a Bulldog defender hit him late out of bounds. He went crashing toward the curb that separates the track from the field on the far sideline, too. That'll be a 15-yard penalty for sure. Luckily it appears Alexander is OK.

It'll be a first and goal right at the 10 after a run of 20 yards and half the distance to the goal from there. A couple of Hartsfield runs set up third and goal from the 4. Alexander fakes to Hartsfield this time and rolls left. It's incomplete, but there's a flag, and that was an obvious push by the DB. It'll be pass interference on Golden Valley and a first down.

Actually, they're going to call that holding, not pass interference, so it remains third down from the 2. Alexander keeps, the offensive line pushes the GV defense into the end zone, and it's an easy touchdown for the QB. That might be the nail in the coffin for the home team. PAT good, and Centennial leads 28-10 with 9:06 to play.

Garces and Tehachapi are headed for overtime at 21-21 in the Ogilvie Bowl up on the mountain. That's another good one tonight.

UPDATED, 9:55 p.m.: Second and 10 for Centennial, and that line paves a hole for Cody Hartsfield again. Every time he's touched the ball in the second half he's had a big hole and taken advantage of it. That time for 15 yards, and Hartsfield is over 100 yards rushing. This time he slips a tackle at the line and gets about 6 more yards. Less than a minute to go in the third quarter. Centennial in control of this one at 21-10 and driving, but still a whole quarter to play.

A strike from Alexander to Trenton Clark, who makes his first grab of the night and spins upfield. A gain of 15 to the Golden Valley 44, and that's going to be the last play of the third quarter. Centennial up 21-10.

UPDATED, 9:50 p.m.: You get the feeling Carl Jones is going to factor heavily into Golden Valley's game plan the rest of the way, and he keeps on this play and has some running room. He gallops 15 yards across midfield to the Centennial 44. A couple of short runs sets up third-and-4 from the 38. Gotta be four-down territory for the Bulldogs here. Jones scrambles and goes nowhere. That Centennial D-line makes another play, and the Hawks think they have the football. Officials rule Jones was down, but it's fourth and 4. He lost half a yard if anything.

Golden Valley in punt formation. I don't get it. You're in good field position and need 4 yards and are down 11 points. Gotta take these opportunities if you're going to come back. Instead, Jones will punt it away. He angles it out of bounds at about the 20. So you gave up a chance to make a play for 18 yards of field position? I don't like it.

UPDATED, 9:46 p.m.: Another first-down burst by Cody Hartsfield picks up 13 and a first down. Now Alexander on a designed run, and the QB takes a shot – not sure I'd call that play again if I'm Chad Brown. Oh, and there was a personal foul against Centennial to boot. I think that was the Hawks' third of the night, so something to clean up on an otherwise pretty clean performance thus far.

It's second and long after that, and now another penalty against Centennial, a holding call. Second and Maricopa to go here from the 19. OK, it's second-and-26. Alexander will take off on a QB draw, and he gets a chunk of those yards back, about 11 of them. Third-down pass is overthrown and incomplete, though, and Centennial will produce our third stalled drive of the second half.

The punt is nearly blocked. Gregg got it away, but it only rolls to the Golden Valley 41 with 4:36 left in the third.

Elsewhere, Central's rout of Liberty is over. It's a 30-3 rout for the Grizzlies and a clear defense of the No. 1 ranking. The game of the night so far as been at Ridgeview, where a defensive and special teams TD has put the Wolf Pack back on top of Frontier 25-21 at the end of the third quarter.

UPDATED, 9:39 p.m.: Cedric Kim with a burst up the middle, and Golden Valley is backed up no more. He spins out of a tackle downfield and picks up 32 yards when it's all said and done. Longest play of the night for Golden Valley and for Kim, who had just 4 yards on 3 carries in the first half. Centennial might have been guilty there of overpursuing, trying to make a big play for a safety, and the Hawks left a hole for Kim.

But now a delay of game on GV, and Carl Jones is being chased out of the pocket here. He'll have to toss it out of bounds with nowhere to go. Second and 15 at the 28, which doesn't seem great after a big play on the first play of the drive. Jones completes in the backfield to Bravo, but he's swallowed up and lost three more yards. Third and long. Jones to pass. He scrambles. He broke some ankles on that run and showed off skills but ultimatesly gets 10 yards on third-and-18, and now he'll drop back and become the punter. Punt rolls to the Centennial 22. G-Hawks lead 21-10 with exactly 7 minutes on the third-quarter clock.

UPDATED, 9:33 p.m.: Centennial begins the second half in about the same place it ended the first, dominating at the line of scrimmage. This time the O-line opens up a big hole for Cody Hartsfield, who bursts through and gains 17. Alexander now on a play-action, rolls to his left a few steps and dumps to Blake Fowler, who has some running room and another first down on a gain of 11. Golden Hawks already in Golden Valley territory.

Now an incompletion, and that's notable because it's only the third of the night for Alexander. An option pitch to Hartsfield, but this is coming back. A holding call. The hold was 10 yards downfield, though, so essentially it'll go back to the line of scrimmage and we'll play second and 10 again. Alexander nearly throws a pick, his first real mistake of the night, but it's harmlessly incomplete. Third down. Hartsfield stuffed on third down, and Golden Valley has a much-needed stop. The punt is a good one, and it's going to take a perfect bounce and be downed at the 1. What a kick from Cody Gregg. That was impressive.

UPDATED, 9:26 p.m.: Here are some pertinent halftime stats: Centennial has a 212-45 edge in total yards. The Golden Hawks are really dominating the game up front, and GV has done very little offensively other than Donovan Bravo's 30-yard run to set up the field goal. The Bulldogs' TD, of course, came from Carl Jones' kickoff return.

As for Centennial, Will Alexander is having a great night: 10-of-12 passing, 138 yards and a TD, plus 19 rushing yards. His TD was an 83-yard strike to Luke Terrio, who has three catches for 97 yards.

On the ground, Cody Hartsfield has nine carries for 48 yards and two touchdowns, including the one you see below. Second half about to kick off with Centennial in control and receiving the ball first.

UPDATED, 9:06 p.m.: A penalty on the kickoff against Centennial gives Golden VAlley good field position at the CHS 48. A couple of Carl Jones runs sets up third and 1 at the 39 with just 26 seconds left. Jones going deep now. A diving attempt by his receiver, but it bounces away ... and into the arms of Zach Hernandez. An acrobatic pick, and Centennial has it with 20 seconds left in the half. They're at the their own 4, so expect the Golden Hawks to take a knee and get to halftime. They do, and that's the half. Centennial 21, Golden Valley 10.

UPDATED, 8:58 p.m.: A short pass to Terrio and then a defensive holding call have moved Centennial into first-and-goal position at the GV 10-yard line. Clock has bled down to two minutes, and Centennial is milking it between plays, hoping to score and not leave the Bulldogs much time to respond. Alexander throws short in the left hash to his running back Cody Hartsfield. He's banged out of bounds at the 3. Third and goal from there. 1:10 to play in the half. Big snap coming up as Centennial hopes to extend its lead.  

It's Hartsfield on a run, and he's got enough of a gap to squeeze into the end zone. Touchdown Centennial with 45 seconds left in the half. A masterful drive from Will Alexander. PAT good, and the Golden Hawks lead 21-10.

UPDATED, 8:55 p.m.: A nice kickoff return for Centennial's Zach Hernandez sets up Will Alexander and the offense at the Hawks' 39, leading 14-10. A burst up the middle for Cody Hartsfield, his longest carry of the night, across the 50 and to the GV 45 for a gain of 16.

A short Cody Hartsfield run and a short Alexander-to-Zach Hartsfield pass and it's third-and-4 from the 39. Could be four-down territory. Doesn't need to be. Alexander with a pretty-looking slant to Terrio for 9 yards and the first down. Under four minutes left in the first half, and you wonder if Centennial goes to work on the clock a bit. Short pass to the other side to Zach Hartsfield. Gain of about 5. 

UPDATED, 8:47 p.m.: Finally back to action here, and at an important time. A series of fakes, and Jones eventually gives the ball to Bravo, who appeared to have an opening until Zach Hartsfield caught him from behind. Nice tackle. It's third-and-5. Jones will take off after dropping back, and again Centennial with some sure tackling. No gain. It's fourth down, and GV coach Erich Smith has called on his field goal unit.

It's a 25-yard attempt for Victor Lopez. It's up and a short kick ... that barely sneaks over the crossbar. He certainly didn't get all of that, but he got enough of it, and GV cuts the Centennial lead to 14-10.

UPDATED, 8:44 p.m.: Big sequence in this first half here, with Golden Valley trailing by a TD and trying to punch in the tying score. Second-and-7 from the 10. There's a long delay for some reason, and I still haven't figured out exactly why. There doesn't appear to be an injury. It might be a problem with the chains on the far side of the field. There's an official crouched down and working on them. This has turned into a pretty lengthy delay. Still 8:29 left before half.

Elsewhere, Liberty trails Central 17-3 at the half in Fresno in a battle of the section's top two ranked teams. Here's a series of highlights from our Trevor Horn from the first half.

UPDATED, 8:38 p.m.: Donovan Bravo is loose, and that's a bad thing for Centennial, because he's fast. Up the left sideline he goes, and not pushed out until he gets to the Golden Hawks' 25, a gain of 30. And there's a flag down, a personal foul against Centennial on top of it. Half the distance, and suddenly GV is at the Centennial 13, knocking on the door.

The Bulldogs call a timeout facing second-and-7 from the 10.

UPDATED, 8:32 p.m.: Golden Valley forced to punt, but the Bulldogs are enjoying a good defensive series for the first time. A holding call, a short sack and a run stuff and it's third-and-19 for Centennial. Alexander steps up in the pocket and has a man with a step ... but they can't quite connect, with the ball falling through the hands of the receiver, maybe overthrown by a yard. GV gets away with that one, and now the Bulldogs will get it back.

Donovan Bravo catches the punt in traffic at his 38 and returns it to the 45. Good field position for GV, which trails 14-7. 9:10 left second quarter.

UPDATED, 8:24 p.m.: No surprise that Centennial kicks this one out of bounds again, but Golden Valley will make the Golden Hawks re-kick. This time, Centennial pooches it, and GV will take over at its 38. Two short runs later, it's third-and- 8 and the end of the first quarter.

Centennial 14, GV 7. A chance to catch our breath.

UPDATED, 8:21 p.m.: Holy moly, now Centennial answers quickly. On the second play of the ensuing drive, Alexander with a beautiful pump fake and then hits Luke Terrio in stride about 40 yards downfield. Terrio goes the rest of the way for an 83-yard touchdown that puts the Golden Hawks back in front, 14-7, with 53 seconds left in the first quarter.

That's three touchdowns by the two teams in the last 1:09 of game time. Buckle your seatbelts.

UPDATED, 8:16 p.m.: Whoa. Golden Valley has answered Centennial's TD in 13 seconds, with Carl Jones – I told you he could do everything – taking the kickoff at his own 9 yard line near the right hash and scooting 91 yards untouched to the left corner of the end zone. A scintillating return by a scintillating player, and we're tied 7-7, just like that, after Victor Lopez's extra point.

UPDATED, 8:10 p.m.: Centennial starting backed up at its own 5, but a 5-yard run from Cody Hartsfield and a third-down completion from quarterback Will Alexander to Zach Hernandez nets a first down, and here's another one on a screen pass from Alexander to Hartsfield. Now a personal foul against Golden Valley, and suddenly Centennial has a drive going.

Second-and-5 at their own 49 for the Golden Hawks, and Alexander takes off running. He's got some serious speed, and this is a breakaway into the secondary. He's down to the 30, just inside, and that's a 22-yard run. Hartsfield follows with a nice pick-up of about 6, and now Alexander to Blake Fowler for another first down to the 12.

Centennial struggled to get the ball in the end zone once they were in scoring position in its opener, so let's see what happens here. They're pounding it with Hartsfield. Seven yards to the 5. Now again ... and he breaks the plane of the goal line. Touchdown, Centennial, and the Golden Hawks have the game's first points at the 2:02 mark of the first quarter. Extra point from Kai Whitaker is good. It's 7-0 Centennial on an impressive 95-yard drive.

UPDATED, 7:59 p.m.: Jones runs twice, once on a designed run and then on a scramble, and he picks up 3 each time to set up third and 4. A dive play to Kim gets only a yard, and Centennial's defenders go bouncing away, knowing they've got a stop.

It's fourth-and-3 from the Centennial 46, so it could be go-for-it territory, but GV lines up to punt. Of course, Jones is the punter, so watch for the fake. It's a kick, though, and a pretty good one, rolling out of bounds inside the 10. Still 0-0 as Centennial gets the ball for the first time.

UPDATED, 7:56 p.m.: Centennial will kick off here, and the opening kick is allowed to trickle out of bounds inside the 10-yard line, meaning Golden Valley will have good field position at its 35 to get things started.

A short Cedric Kim run and Carl Jones pass to Adrian Reyes later, though, and it's third-and-8. Jones, who could excel at just about any position but is at quarterback for GV, rolls to his right and fires down field. His receiver fell down, and that's a flag on Centennial. Defensive holding and a first down at the GV 47.

Elsewhere, Liberty gave up an early pick-6 to No. 1 Central but has stabilized and trails the Grizzlies 10-3 in the second quarter. East is up early on Mira Monte and West and Chavez are knotted at 7-7. Stockdale has the first touchdown against Atascadero.

ORIGINAL POST: Good evening everyone, and welcome to BVarsity's live high school football blog for Week 3 of the 2017 season.

Tonight's featured game is Centennial at Golden Valley, an intriguing matchup of a high-powered Division I program that lost its opener in frustrating fashion and a Division III program that opened some eyes with a 55-0 win over Taft two weeks ago.

Kickoff here is expected at about 7:52 p.m. because the junior varsity game ran long. It was won 29-26 by Centennial, which went ahead on a touchdown pass with 1:11 left. Hopefully the varsity game lives up to that drama.

This live blog format is how we used to do things every Friday, for those who don't remember, before BVarsity started broadcasting games live four years ago. The live broadcasts have been successful for us and (we think) a great method of exposure for Kern County's football players.

The Kern High School District began streaming its own home games last year, however, and this year the KHSD is forbidding anyone else from joining them. So on weeks like this, when most of the best games involving Kern County teams are out of town or at KHSD schools, we are switching back to a live blog format.

I will update the scoreboard at the top of the page as much as possible throughout the night and provide highlights and updates of this game and some more specific updates from other games in the running commentary. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to hit us up on Twitter @BVarsityLive and on the BVarsity Live Facebook page with your questions and comments.

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