Cody Kessler’s tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles is over almost before it even got started.

Less than four months — and 33 preseason snaps — later, the Eagles cut the former Centennial High and USC standout quarterback.

The 26-year-old quarterback was released after one season with the Jacksonville Jaguars and signed by Philadelphia in mid-May. But Kessler suffered a concussion in the second preseason game on a vicious, blindside hit by the Jags’ Datone Jones and the Eagles brought in 40-year-old Josh McCown.

McCown completed 17 of 24 passes and threw two touchdown passes against Baltimore, which was more than enough to convince coach Doug Pederson that he should be Carson Wentz’s season-opening backup.

The Eagles still have four quarterbacks – Wentz, McCown, injured Nate Sudfeld, and rookie Clayton Thorson.

Kessler didn’t play in the Eagles’ 6-0 loss to the Jets on Thursday. He completed 7 of 15 passes for 57 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions in the preseason.

In his third season, Kessler was 2-2 in four starts with Jacksonville last season, completing 64.9 percent of his passes for 709 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. He previously spent two years with the Cleveland Browns, including eight starts as a rookie in 2016.

But injuries have also followed him. He suffered a concussion on a sack with the Browns in 2016, and also battled injuries last season with Jacksonville.

Kessler was drafted in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft by Cleveland following an impressive career at USC, throwing for more than 10,000 yards and 88 touchdowns with only 19 interceptions.

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Kessler played four games for Jags: 700 yards. Jeeez Louise! And he wonders why he got cut? His passes are about 7 yards each on average. I can toss it underhand flipped from behind my back that far accurately. Why is a Gatorade Player of the Year and USC record holder playing tiddly-winks short-pass football? Cody threw farther in high school than he does in the pro game. Sorry. Go look at Derek Carr’s checkbook. Yup Cody—that’s $125 MILLION dollars. Cody was head n shoulders above Carr in high school and college. They get to the pro game and Kessler shrivels up like Shrinking Violet. Throw the ball down the field. Go long. You dream of the chance since you were the biggest kid at Norris Midfle School—then when it’s finally right in front of you... you freee up and toss underneath routes and dump-offs to the backs. Why? Scared. That’s why. Trying to keep a high percentage and not throw interceptions hoping the coaches pay on the back and rave about savvy and “game management” ability. Well... look where THAT got you. On the unemployment line. Browns. Jags. Eagles. They all fired Kessler. 3 strikes. Likely the Russian gold-diggers that have swarmed you since your first check will toss you aside too after they drain the bank account. Go to Carr’s house. Look at his vehicles and investment portfolio. His kids and their kids will never have to work. Last chance bro. Throw. It. Down. The. Field.

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