Cody Kessler at mini camp

Centennial High graduate Cody Kessler has reportedly re-signed to be a backup quarterback with the New England Patriots.

Cody Kessler’s NFL career received new life when the New England Patriots re-signed him on Monday.

The former Centennial High and USC quarterback spent three weeks with the Patriots before being released Oct. 16 when tight end Benjamin Watson returned to the team.

Kessler didn’t see any playing time during his earlier stint with New England, but figures to join Jarrett Stidham as a backup to Tom Brady.

Midway through Kessler’s first stint with the Pats, Bill Belichick spoke highly of his ability to pick up the offense. Kessler is likely to return to his scout-team duties and shoulder some of the practice load Brady and Stidham have been splitting since he was cut.

“Cody’s done a nice job for us,” Belichick said earlier this month to the Boston Herald. “He’s really smart. He’s come in here. He’s learned. I mean, he’s out there calling plays, signaling receivers, making adjustments like he’s been here longer than two weeks or whatever it is.”

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Soon he will be working the drive thru at Wendy’s

Gene Pool Chlorinator

The guy has made over $2,600,000 in three years of NFL play. Doubt he'll be working at Wendy's.

I know since you have "2 Tesla cars and a Powerwall", that you've likely made more money in the same time frame... LMAO


Wendy's hires millionaires to flip burgers now? No wonder the price of life shortening lunches is rising.


Congratulations to Cody Kessler. His superior intelligence were obviously o displays the QB room and the practice field. Kessler can be entrusted to command the team should Brady be injured as Cody is a brilliant field general. I’ve long been a Kessler booster. He is one of KC’s brightest pro stars ever. Look for a long and prosperous NFL career for this Centennial High school standout. You cannot keep a good man down. Go Pats!!!


26 years old, multimillionaire, dates Ukrainian models, plays for the World embarrassing. Lol



God, a bunch of Super Bowl wins aside, working for Billecheck would be unnerving. The guy is such a D***.


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