Tyler Johnson came from last to first to win the Hobby Stock feature on Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway.

Johnson, who started in the last row of the 16-car field, took the lead 20 laps into the 25-lap feature and led the rest of the way.

Johnson was driving the car normally wheeled by Mike Hill Jr., who is on vacation.

“I really have to thank Mike and Sadie (Hill),” Johnson said. “About 7 o’clock Steven (Johnson) said let’s take the car out and run the main event, tag the rear of the main event.

“I said let’s call the boss first.”

Mike Hill gave his blessing and Tyler Johnson put on quite a show in becoming the ninth different winner in 11 races.

“I took it easy the first few laps, my first lap was my first lap ever in the car,” Johnson said. “Then I set her on kill and we got the win.”

Johnson took the lead from Michael Scruggs at the start/finish line and the two cars made slight contact.

That caused Scruggs to bounce on the front straight wall then spin in turn two, ending the night after having led the first 19 laps. Marcus Wankum finished second, followed by Rob Gallaher, Jayden Schweitzer and Karl Noland.

Nick Bartels led from start to finish to win the 20-lap Late Model feature which had just five cars.

Cody Laney was second, Rob Sanders third and Rick Childress Jr., making his first Late Model start, was fourth.

Justin Yadon led for about 50 feet, but that was just enough to win the 20-lap Bakersfield Hard Top feature.

Marc McCaslin started on the pole and led all the way until he slowed in turn four on the final lap.

Yadon and Rioch Souza were fighting for second but both powered past McCaslin as they exited the final turn.

“Man, everybody was battling for second, third, fourth position,” said Yadon.

Souza finished a close second with the slowing McCaslin a close third.

West Evans took the lead on lap four and led the rest of the way to win the NMRA Three-Quarter Midget feature.

Evans, a three-time series champ, finished a car length ahead of six-time series champ Chuck West in the 20-lapper, which ran caution free. Scott Niven was third.

“I knew he was right there, if I gave him a chance he was going to get me,” Evans said.

“I ran my butt off to catch him, but there was no way I was going to pass him,” West said.

Kennedy Cotton raced to her second win in a caution-free 15-lap Senior Mini Dwarf race.

Cotton took the lead on the eighth lap after early leader Jacob Carey got stalled behind a slower car. Carey, who fell back to third, rebounded to finish second with Tyler Blankenship third.

It took a while for the Junior Mini Dwarf race to get going (two cautions before an official lap was completed), but once things got rolling Jett Yantis was unbeatable.

Yantis took the lead three laps into the 12-lap feature and went on to to his fourth win. Trenton Rickle finished second with Stryker Conley third.

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