Heading into its biggest football game of the season, Bakersfield High will be without two of its best players.

Talented senior Isaac Jernagin, who committed to Nevada earlier this year, and his younger brother Ian will not play Friday when the Drillers (5-4, 3-1) are scheduled to take on first-place Liberty (8-1, 4-0) with a chance at sharing the Southwest League title.

They're not expected to return for the Drillers' postseason either, as both have left the program.

Ian, a sophomore running back with the team, suffered a hair-line fracture of his ankle in the third quarter of the game against Centennial on Friday. The injury will require 4 to 6 weeks of recovery, likely ending his season.

The circumstances surrounding Issac’s absence is not as clear-cut, but Bakersfield High coach Michael Stewart and Jernagin’s father, Dejon, indicated Tuesday in separate interviews that Isaac’s decision to leave the team was, if nothing else, in the best interest of both parties involved.

Isaac, a starting wide receiver and defensive back for BHS, leads the Drillers in receiving, but had no receptions in last week’s 10-3 victory over the Golden Hawks. He did have a 26-yard touchdown catch in a 34-20 victory over Frontier the week before.

Isaac Jernagin had 521 rushing yards on 34 carries and scored seven touchdowns on the ground last season, according to MaxPreps.com. He added 12 receptions for 125 yards and two TDs through the air.

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In the mean time the Cross Country runners are getting ready for their big end of season meets. Be sure to watch for the coverage.....................State is Thanksgiving weekend at Woodward Park in Fresno. Now those are some great races!

C U soon!


It's a game. Learn and move on. Win an academic scholarship and enjoy life.


Naw. Not just a game anymore. A business.


Like the Ball family.....except for the talent level.

Fram Smith


In honor of Lois Henry writing some great water stories , Fram has returned to ask some questions

First , everyone who is reading this understands that 99.999 % of children who play high school football will not earn a living playing football.

Second , most parents are not having their children play football anymore , and are opting for physical activities that don't have a high risk of concussions. NASCAR , Schwinn Stingray bicycles, and football are not as popular as they use to be. Perhaps we should re-exam our obsessive/compulsive disorder in regards to high school football. High schools should focus on education of the next generation of Americans ; and high school athletes should focus on all students finding some form of physical activity they can enjoy for life. Somewhere down the road , this noble mission got perverted into turning some high schools into a farm system for pro ball. There is a reason beyond the obvious life long health consequences , that regular folks just don't care about football. As for me , I just love the X games !



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Liberty 49-14 over BHS. It’s going to be ugly


This Michigan Stewart experiment is starting to look like the failed Jason Oliver hire. An unmitigated disasters. You can’t hire a flashy name and expect results. BHS list to stockdale this year and I would bet that in its 26 year history that they haven’t beaten BHS three times.


I don't understand how these players can simply quit on their team

Richard P

D2 players at the best!


When they LEFT for OC back over the summer I made a comment and Michael Stewart came after me like I was the bad guy........so I guess it's safe to say little brother is going to Garces next year>?

Ian Jernagin

The little brother is chillin


Free agents! Top players just treat high school like auditions. They want to be on teams that are going to get them attention. BHS just couldn't showcase them enough and win enough. As we've seen with the cave in by the NCAA this week, amateur

football is DEAD!

They gotta go work on their brand!

Ian Jernagin

You’re sadly mistaken sir👍🏾


Then why? What's your explanation?


Daddy J got rear-hurt Cuzz sonny-wunnyyy had zero catches. So he pulled his whittle children off da team for spite. Trouble is the WR could have gone wild in remaining games and got BIG college full-ride.

But... Coach WAS ignorant for not getting that terrific WR da ball aplenty. Your thoroughbreds win games, the plow-horsed don’t deserve precious touches. Winning dictates that talent gets the touches. That is just good football etiquette. Coach let his very own ego take over n “froze out” that fantastic WR from the offense. That was extremely bad form. The team knows he shoulda got more targets. Kids know. So now the team knows the coach “got even” with pushy player-daddy by eliminating daddy-son’s touches. Players ain’t liking dat one bit. Fire Coach. Anyone that out of touch is worthless. True words.

To the family: stay strong. Listen to Pops n get the best deal you can in sports. Nobody will have your best interests in mind lie ya daddy

Gene Pool Chlorinator

BHS couldn't showcase them enough? Are you mental?? BHS is (despite what you think) still the premier HS football team in this town.

The notoriety and record speaks for itself...


I think Liberty is ruling Bakersfield the last few.


BHS has been 2nd fiddle to Liberty for the last 5 years. Not going to change anytime soon.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

BHS won the Valley title in 2016 & crushed Liberty in the 2017 playoffs, so I wouldn't exactly say second fiddle over the last five years...


BHS is not a lock to dominate the valley. Hasn’t been for years. The Briggs n Preston teams dominated. Every so often BHS does that in this era. But nothing like in da good old days. They still draw talent due to their natural boundaries, but dat “rep” has slipped a looooong way. Do t cry. ‘Tis just a game. Lol

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