Photo courtesy CSUB athletics Santa poses with Cal State Bakersfield's mascot Rowdy the Roadrunner.

The holiday season is one of the nicest times of year anywhere you go.

It's a special time for being with friends, family and loved ones enjoying the time off from school and work to really soak in the good spirits that come with whichever holiday your family celebrates.

Here in the CSUB athletics department we enjoy the culmination of work and time off with friends and family that comes with the holidays. We took the time to check out some of the traditions that CSUB student-athletes and athletic staff across the department have this time of year.

Men’s basketball junior guard Justin Edler-Davis: My family prepares all the food on Christmas Eve for Christmas Day. We are not allowed to open presents on Christmas morning until everyone in the house has woken up. Then we watch all the NBA games as a family and eat.

Junior wrestler Dom Ducharme: I enjoy getting the time to go home and spend time with my family.

Head women’s basketball coach Greg McCall: My family has quite a few traditions that we look forward to every holiday season. We like to decorate the house with lights and a tree as well as get the wife and kids together and see who can make the best gingerbread house. We also love to gather around and watch our favorite movie, “A Christmas Story,” while we eat a ton of food. That’s probably my favorite part of the tradition. I also like to go and shop for the family every year and then get up early on Christmas morning with them to open presents and watch some NBA basketball all together.

Assistant Athletics Director for Special Projects Logan Belz: My family has a fun family tradition for Christmas since we do not really celebrate the actual holiday; we like to order Chinese food and watch a Christmas movie all together and enjoy each other’s company.

Head cheerleading coach and spirit coordinator Arthur Smith: In terms of holiday traditions, my mom started doing Christmas ornaments from the time I was little (maybe 3 years old). So each year (mom, myself, sister and dad) would get a new ornament for each other to hang on the tree. As life would have it my dad and sister are no longer with us, but my mom and I still buy each other ornaments each year.

Even with me living out of state and not always able to make it home during this time due to games, I can bet on getting a box in the mail the week before Christmas from my mom with a new ornament each year. This is definitely a tradition I look forward to each year and plan to do the same when I start a family of my own.


From our CSUB Athletics family to yours, we would like to wish you a happy, healthy holiday. We hope that you will also join us on Saturday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. for our men’s basketball game where we will honor our Hometown Heroes.

Season tickets are still available for CSUB men’s basketball. Fans can also choose to come out on a game-by-game basis. More information about both options are available at

Kenza Hall is an athletics marketing graduate assistant at Cal State Bakersfield University.

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