Brad Malone of the the Condors moves the puck during Bakersfield's opening-night game against Stockton on Oct. 5. 

There will be a fair share of nifty highlight-reel goals and blasts from the point that hit the back of the net for the Condors as the season goes on.

But for the Condors to have success, coach Jay Woodcroft says his team must rely on hard work and feast on gritty goals.

“We’re going to be a team that has to manufacture offense by volume shooting and getting to the hard and dirty areas,” he said. “We would like to be known as an aggressive team. A team that comes after its opponents, that is willing to shoot the puck and break the opponent down.

“I think its good sign through the first three games that we’ve taken that to heart and really bought in. The challenge for us now is our fourth game. That’s where our focus is.”

The Condors, 2-1, certainly have the volume shooting down as they have outshot opponents in every game and have taken 29 more than they have given up, 107-78.

“I just think our offense will come from grinding teams down with our forecheck and our cycle game, getting shots through from the point and finding the garbage in the dirty areas,” Woodcroft said.

That type of game requires a lot of pace and intensity and Woodcroft says that for the most part it has been there.

“Our work ethic has been outstanding,” he said. “It’s going to continue to be required for us to win. It’s a staple in our identity and full credit to our players. We still have a long ways to go but our players have worked and are willing to play a fast game that gives our opponents lots of of trouble.”

One area the Condors need to clean up is minor penalties as they have been called for 11 over the past two games.

“I think we’re finding our way, discipline wise,” Woodcroft said. “We don’t want to take any more than three penalties and the last two games we’ve taken more than we want.”

Which all comes back to Bakersfield playing its game.

“We’re at our best when we’re checking with our legs, keeping our feet moving so we’re not in position for those calls.”

Mike Griffith can be reached at 661 395-7390. Follow him on Twitter at @MikeGriffith54. 

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