Ben Goffinet returns as the head coach at Kern Valley after stepping down three years ago. 

After three years away from varsity football at Kern Valley, Ben Goffinet is back.

Goffinet spent 10 seasons as the Broncs head coach, compiling a record of 83-46 with four High Desert League titles, including the last three from 2012-14.

In his final season in 2014, Kern Valley was 10-0 in the regular season before losing on the road in the Central Section Division V opening round. The loss came on the road as a No. 2 seed, as HDL teams had to travel for all playoff games during their first three years in the section.

Goffinet replaces Brandon Deckard as head coach after three seasons. Deckard, who was co-head coach in 2013-14 with Goffinet, led Kern Valley to an 8-3 record in 2015, but the Broncs were a combined 7-13 the last two years.

“I am so excited. For me, it’s just such a rewarding job,” Goffinet said. “To be back coaching on Friday nights is such a thrill. A lot of it is the aspect of teamwork and watching the guys grow and have that camaraderie. There is nothing in the world that I have been a part of than being part of a football team. It’s a dream for me.”

Goffinet was announced as the head coach during a ceremony inside the campus library where he continues to be an english teacher at Kern Valley.

When Goffinet stepped down three years ago, he wanted to spend more time with his family, as his son was just a year old at the time. Goffinet continued to coach softball on campus and returned as a position coach on the junior varsity football team this season.

“My intent was to keep coaching and just do a position,” Goffinet said. “I just didn’t want to be in charge. My son at the time was barely a year old. My intent was to back off and not doing much coaching at all, but I soon realized it’s in my blood.”

Goffinet said he was unaware of why Deckard was no longer the head coach, saying, “We haven’t talked about it. I am not privy to it. That was all done right at the end of the season.”

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