CSUB sophomore Taze Moore goes up for a dunk against UTRGV's Terry Winn III during the first round of the Western Athletic Conference Tournament last season.

Cal State Bakersfield’s athletic fundraising efforts enjoyed another banner year, highlighted by a school record-breaking giving for the seventh straight year.

The Roadrunner Scholarship Fund, with the goal of creating scholarship opportunities for all 16 teams and 320 student-athletes, raised an all-time high of $833,852 during the 2018-19 fiscal year, an increase of nearly 140% since 2012-13, when the total was just under $350,000. Contributions led to a department-wide total of $2.39 million raised over the course of the past fiscal year.

CSUB's Director of Athletics Kenneth "Ziggy" Siegfried attributed the increased support of the Roadrunner Scholarship Fund to the hard work of a large group of people, including both CSUB staff and members of the Bakersfield community.

"As always, our goal was to raise more money for student-athlete scholarships than we did the year before, and I am very proud to announce that we have once again eclipsed that goal,” Siegfried said in a news release. "Our goal is to fund all 16 of our sports," Siegfried continued. "We want everyone to have what they need to be successful. We're going to continue to push and I'm hoping to look back five years from now and say we're all fully funded in scholarships."

With 16 sponsored sports, CSUB Athletics is funding just a shade under half of the maximum scholarships allowed by the NCAA. CSUB provides about 200 of its Roadrunner student-athletes — many of whom are first-generation college students — with support, meaning most of the department's student-athletes are receiving only a partial scholarship.

The Scholarship Fund Board is made up of 20 members of the Bakersfield community. Kummer, in his second year as the Board's President, summed up the year's efforts: "I want to sincerely thank the entire community for their support and part in this record-breaking year. It has been a remarkable experience to work alongside these dedicated volunteers and civic leaders who have given so much of their time to serve on the Roadrunner Scholarship Fund board and raise funds for our scholar-athletes."

"With the community's continued support and the leadership of our incoming President Joel Andreesen, I have no doubt that we will surpass the $1 million mark on the way to our ultimate goal of being fully funded,” Dixon Kummer, the Roadrunner Scholarship Fund board president said in a news release.

The 2018-19 scholarship fund drive has just ended, but the RSF board and staff are already busily planning for next year's push. CSUB Athletics will continue to surge toward its goal of fully funding each `Runner team at the maximum NCAA level, giving those teams the best opportunity to compete on a national level.

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Holding the bag

It seems the threads that I have posted, really aren’t about donors or fund raising or 1st time college attendees or even how long it takes to fund a D1 athletic department. Let me be more concise, I as a donor for the last 10 + years for the Wrestling program am questioning Why does the university not sponsor the wrestling program? I in no way am diminishing your athletic foundations fund raising efforts. Your feelings are hurt because you chose to focus narrowly. You are probably correct when you state” there’s more going on” but I am not ignorant to the fact that the athletic department ignores the wrestling program. Again, I applaud your foundations efforts, hopefully maybe you would like to speak to the coaches and tour their facility that is a possible health hazard. Ask yourself why a program has not been sponsored? Maybe ,if the university sponsored Wrestling you would gain more fund raisers and our $ 250,000 + individual donations. Hope this clarifies my position Mr. Kummer

Holding the bag

IMO,I did not degrade or beat down the fund raising work. I draw attention to our community paying $ 250,000 + for each of the last 10 years to fund a Nationally prominent sport.Also, what other athletic teams are funded as well as Basketball? Let’s be honest it’s not the people who fund raise... its the agenda of the athletic department and the administration, Self Reflection, sure, don’t kid yourself, maybe ask some poignant questions about who gets what in terms of financial support. OH BTW if you read the article it only talks about 16 sports being supported minus Wrestling that makes 17 sports except the school does not sponsor it! Research and ask some questions, no disrespect just facts🤔


Gary and Holding, and everyone else who'd like to know..., do you know how athletic scholarship are paid for? Solely from donations to the CSUB Foundation. And yes, Basketball and BBQ will not get it done, and that's why we do so much more. Want to know more? Do you know the average amount of time it takes a school to reach "fully funded" status once it commits to Div. 1? About 20 years, unless you have some large donations and endowments - or you have a football program. If you'd like, come join the cause. Make a donation. Come be my guest at a game, and I'll gladly tell you about the great benefits to community and students being a donor is. Did you know that 65% of our student athletes are the first ever in their respective families to gain higher education? Or that about 70-80% of the student athletes stay in the Kern County area after graduation. There's more going on then you know, so rather than speak in ignorance, please come and see, and I invite you to be my guest. And yes, I'm the Kummer mentioned in the article. GO RUNNERS!!!


Basketball and Barbecues ain't gonna get it done, boys and girls. You'll always be second class in the recruiting game until you figure it out. This is a football town. Period.


Good grief Gary and Holding - how about a, "Great job! Keep up the good work! Keep growing! Keep working hard!" No? Is that too hard? Gotta beat them down instead? Do you have nothing else to do? SELF REFLECTION is what you two need and until "you figure it out" as Gary so eloquently put, you'll continue to be miserable, angry folks. .

Holding the bag

With just such a great fund raising year, how is it that a Div 1 program cannot FULLY FUND All of its sports? Basically there is an agenda to only fund 1program that may or may not produce revenue!! I wonder what the community would say if funding for all sports was revealed! BTW don’t forget the 1 sport that ACTUALLY put Bakersfield on the Map WRESTLING and has been sponsored by the COMMUNITY for the last 10 years! Why hasn’t the wrestling program been funded to the appropriate level based upon its success... 9 NCAA Div 1 champions, 45 NCAA Div 1 All Americans, 8 NCAA Div II Team championships a national record, and the accolades could far out weigh any and all sports at CSUB.... So please don’t tell the community how great your fund raising is, when you can’t sponsor all your sports and Pay all of your coaches ( wrestling coaches are funded by the good people of the community, not CSUB Athletics) GOOD LUCK ZIGGY DEFEND THIS🤔


Good grief Gary and Holding - how about a, "Great job! Keep up the good work! Keep growing! Keep working hard!" No? Is that too hard? Gotta beat them down instead? Do you have nothing else to do? SELF REFLECTION is what you two need and until "you figure it out" as Gary so eloquently put, you'll continue to be miserable, angry folks. .

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