OCC at BC Football05

BC running back Isaiah Martin splits three Orange Coast College defenders during a 2018 game.

Bakersfield College has earned a No. 16 ranking in the opening JC Athletic Bureau’s Poll of California Community College Football Coaches, released Tuesday afternoon.

The Renegades, who were 6-5 a season ago, were awarded 61 points in the inaugural poll of 2019.

BC will square off with ranked opponents in its first two games. The Renegades host 21st-ranked Mt. San Antonio Saturday, then travel to face No. 9 El Camino on Sept. 14.

Homecoming will present perhaps the stiffest challenge of the season, as the Renegades host No. 2 Ventura on Oct. 19. They host another top-10 opponent in Canyons in the regular season finale on Nov. 16.

Laney, which defeated Ventura 40-35 in the 2018 state championship game, earned all seven of the Bureau’s first-place votes to open the season at No. 1.

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OK so the ‘Gades will once more be sorry. Where is the pride? All the talent produced in area schools and a stadium any JC would die to have. And still futility. These BC teams are embarrassing to the city and the legacy built by the 60’s n “70’s teams. Ok some 80’s were very good also. 10,000 fans. People it is simple. Folks will show up if you have a winner. Oh—peeps have so much else to do, so attendance is down to zero. Not true. Video games n cell phones? Youth looking for action. Older generations looking for entertainment. Give em a winner. So FIRE the coach—he’s been mediocre so long and gotten away with it, why would he change that marvelous losing formula he vomits every year? Start with the AD. Can him for allowing it. Get a fireball like Graces did by getting Golla. Think Paul Briggs n Permenter n Collis would just accept brutal spankings to shame our fair city. Heck NO. Like in any walk of life—u don’t get the job done; put someone else in who will. Shame on Bakersfield for accepting Luke-warm porridge instead of filet mignon. Mr Knowitall is not pleased with this state of affairs. Ranked # 17th in the state? As Homer Pyle would say, “Shame Shame Shame.”


The A.D. is not a him. Lol

Here's the problem. We have a solid base of local talent, but get only about 6 out of state players. Meanwhile teams like Mt. SAC, who already have all of Orange County to draw from, and have over 45,000 students, get over 30 out of state players. Not just any 30 players, many are Blue Chip recruits with low academics or a criminal record. They are 'directed' to particular J C.s as a training ground by D1 coaches. George Rush at CCSF was the most successful coach of all time. Not only did he get blue chippers filtered down to him, some didn't even start for the Rams and still ended up on PAC 12 rosters. He also owned his own apartments. Otherwise how does some country kid from Lickskillet, Louisiana afford Bay Area housing?

If local talent were only used I would put BC up against anyone, any year. That isn't the case. Half of all football playing J.C.s are in California. EVERYBODY illegally recruits because the COA can't stop it, and don't care. As long as they get their 10,000 dollar cut per bowl game and get their photo taken handing out the trophy, they are happy.

Bakersfield should be getting the very best out of area talent. Why? Best stadium, best local support, biggest fan base, and most importantly....a lot cheaper housing than the rest of the state.


Bakersfield has 4 out of state players

Mount SAC has 40

62,000 students wasn't enough to draw from.


I see a 7-3 season


Of course these polls mean little because of the high turnover in JC football. But it's good to see something about the Gades! They are, after all, the only college football team we've got.

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