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R. Todd Littlejohn is leading his first workouts as the Bakersfield College football program as the Renegades returned to campus this week.

Bakersfield College got its new football coach Wednesday, and did so in a way that's become quite uncommon for the school.

With the hire of interim head coach R. Todd Littlejohn, the Renegades are bringing in a head coach from outside the program for the first time in over 60 years.

Littlejohn, whose varied coaching career has includes two stops in the NFL, is hardly a newcomer to the program. He followed up a stellar prep career at Bakersfield High School with a two year run as a defensive back at BC from 1983-84. He's also got experience on the Renegade staff, coaching the team's DBs from 1990-91.

But unlike the previous five coaches before him, Littlejohn, who spent the last two seasons as a safeties and special teams coach at Prairie View A&M (Texas), was not a Renegade assistant the year prior to being hired.

The last time BC brought in an outside coach was in 1953, when Homer Beatty was hired after a storied run at Bakersfield High School.

Littlejohn would no doubt be instantly celebrated if he followed in the footsteps of Beatty, who led the Renegades to a 12-0 record and their first National Championship in his rookie season. 

The run of promoting from within began when Beatty assistant Ray Newman took over as head coach in 1959. It continued with the hires of Gerry Collis (1967-83), Carl Bowser (84-94), Dallas Grider (95-2003) and Jeff Chudy (04-19).

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(4) comments


My hope is this cat works out. The brother is going to have to recruit, you can believe that.

Concerns: The Prez and AD hire an old dude with no prior experience-ever- at the O- or D coordinator level or above. Never in charge of a program—at ANY level. Soooo: no track record of turning around a program. Not even a kiddie Jack Frost program.

So what, he has “Bakersfield roots”. That’s a vomit requirement that this city is stuck in the mud on. So stupid. IMO.

Why an old dude? We need vigor. Enthusiasm. Energy. Somebody that can RELATE to the youths of today and convince the stars to join the program. But we get an never-was-been aged cat.

Are the Prez and AD so out of touch they cannot fathom what is needed here???! Jeeeeeez.

Glad he’s “interim”. What’s that about? C’mon reporter. Give us the goods. And the disingenuous headline alluding to “outsider”. He a Bakersfield boy. Same old stale thought process.

Good luck. Gonna need it.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

I'm sick of reading your non-sequitur garbage posts- especially about sports.

It's very apparent you never played so much as a down in your life, yet you knowitall about everything to do with football- among other sports.

Like I've told you before- being on the high school typing team doesn't count as an athletic accomplishment.

Bakersfield roots are important because this is BAKERSFIELD college, you dolt!

Todd was an excellent player and has coaching experience. He's also in his mid 50s, which isn't that old for a head coach- what, do you think every football coach needs to be as young as Sean McVay (LA Rams head coach- you probably don't know that)?

Stick to something you actually know about- you make yourself look foolish like this...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Excellent pick- roots in the community and a good breadth of coaching experience.

Looking forward to a new era of Renegade football!


I have no problem with the pick, but Knowitall is right about one thing, no recruits, no rings. EVERY power in California has dozens of out of state players because only Kansas, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, and Minnesota, for the most part, have football programs. California has half of all JC football teams. The CCCAA is a worthless organization who say no out of state recruiting yet have zero resources to enforce it. As long as they get their 10 thousand bucks a Bowl game, get free lunches, and hand out the trophy, it's all they really care about. They ruined the greatest JC bowl game for the greatest cause, and are so narrow minded, ruined the integrity of the 2002 State Championship by changing the football from Wilson to Spalding for a paultry couple of thousand bucks. That game featured Reedley, who had a strong running QB who didn't care about the ball, and Canyons, who had a small handed QB who regularly threw for, 400 to 500 yards a game, that suddenly couldn't throw a spiral in the biggest game in his life. Baketsfields fan base, best stadium in the nation, and low rent when compared to other parts of California, should have kids flocking here to fill the gaps. The 2012 folly should not make the administration back down.

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