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A valiant effort and late charge in the fourth quarter wasn't enough to save the Bakersfield College football team from an 0-2 start.

Campbell Geddes hit a 39-yard field goal as time expired, lifting El Camino to a 26-23 win over the Renegades on Saturday night.

The Warriors held a 23-13 lead with under nine-and-a-half minutes to play in the fourth quarter, thanks largely to the effort of return man Robert Ferrel. Ferrel returned a third quarter punt 54 yards for a touchdown, then set up a field goal with a 19-yard return to the Renegade 21 in the fourth.

But after being held to under 100 yards of offense to that point, BC hit a much-needed big play, when Adrian Rowel took advantage of a busted coverage and raced 70 yards for a touchdown.

It was the only third-down conversion in 18 tries for the Renegades, who were 1-of-14 on third down in a week one loss to Mt. Sac.

Zach Hernandez then set BC up at the Warrior 26 with a 27-yard interception return on an ill-advised Jerman Gotoy pass, setting up a tying 36-yard field goal by Paxton Winders.

After the teams traded punts, El Camino took over with 1:08 to play. After dinking-and-dunking down the field, the big play of the drive came on what looked to be a questionable 15-yard face mask call on a short pass along the sideline, moving the ball to the BC 24.

After milking the clock down to two seconds, the Warriors set up Geddes, who delivered the winning kick as time expired.

Isaiah Martin led the Renegade offense, gaining 87 yards on the ground and scoring an 8-yard touchdown in the second quarter. Quarterback Braden Wingle went just 6-of-22 with 70 of his 105 yards coming on the touchdown to  Rowel. He had one touchdown, one interception.

Hernandez and Justin Harrington both had interceptions, while Tre Bell recorded four tackles for loss to lead the BC defense.

The Renegades look to break into the win column next Saturday, when they travel to face Santa Monica at 6 p.m.

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Carl Bryan

Will Mr. Knowitall also like to replace the public address announcer ?


I’m considering that as well. Once the stench is present, it taints the entire product!

Actually the PA does a fine job as do most all of the game time staffing from parking to tickets to security. It’s the leaders who are rot-gut abysmal. BC is a huge organization, hundreds of employees. I only suggested 3 that are failing miserably by any standRd applied. Mr. a Knowitall suggests you n like-minded folks not hate just for the sake of hating. Negative and snide comments do not advance hopes for a solution to this shameful, glaring, ugly, and high-profile problem Bakersfield citizens are saddled with.

Holding the bag

Watched the game on my I pad. Lipstick on a pig ... is still a pig! BC improved somewhat against a team that was not very disciplined, but had some athletes and speed. If their starting QB hadn’t got hurt it could have been a different score. It’s not always the coaching... you also have to look at the talent pool, the AD doesn’t want to lose her do nothing job, and the administration is happy with mediocrity. I feel sorry for the die hard donors that have sacrificed. BTW the 2012 football championship is still in appeals court in Sacramento, who’s still paying that bill? If we are going to win... open the door and recruit some athletes like everyone else is doing! Stop complaining and get recruiting! Can’t have the zoo... without the animals! Best of luck to the coaching staff they have their work cut out for them for the rest of the year! Last thing, someone please help the 2 play by play announcers be more professional🤔


I watched the game too. I thought Vance and Kenny did an excellent job analyzing the game from a home town point of view. I thought the officiating was an embarrassment to the CCCAA corps of officials. That's just my thoughts.




I listened. They had a big chance to win the game with a run to about the 8 yard line. A player ran on late.

The announcers were complaining about a bogus call by the refs for hands to the face with 30 secs left. BUT, everyone who follows BC football knows, you cannot put yourselves in the hands of the refs on CA JC ball. They are very bad refs. You've got to win the game when given your chances.

El Camino was trounced by 58 points in their first game. That's how bad they are. That's how bad we are.

Things are never going to change without new coaching. I guess BC football is finally dead.


Yeah. BC lost to a team that lost by 60 points last week. BC ahead coach Cruddy, BC AD and BC Prez are vomit. Just plain incompetent. Any other school or walk of life job that is performed abysmally and ya get fired. Period. These particular jobs are high profile and directly reflect on Bakersfield community. Shame on them all. But it’s OK. It’s The Bakersfield Way. Cronies cover for insider cronies and they all get paid and laugh and share drinks and wink at social gigs. Terrific job Bakersfield residents for encouraging and embracing these incompetent cartoon characters. Immerse yourselves in the aura of failure. The city and the team bear the brunt which is par for the course for the last Decade! Mr.

Knowitall suggests a petition for change. Start in BC parking lot tailgate fans and in the stands—and city high school games. 98% want to oust the regime according to the last poll. My work is done here.

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