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After years of legal battles, the Bakersfield College football program got a big boost in its quest to reclaim its vacated 2012 state championship.

A court action filed by the school and the Kern Community College District had been remanded back to trial court, according to a news release sent out Friday.

BC and the KCCD had originally filed a court action seeking a writ against the CCCAA, which stripped the Renegades of the title in 2013 for a violation of its rules. In October, the State of California Court of Appeal for the Third District ruled that the CCCAA had used an invalid arbitration process.

If a writ is granted in trial court, BC will be able to reclaim its 2012 state title.

"The Kern Community College District is very pleased about the outcome of the judge's ruling," KCCD Chancellor Tom Burke said in the release. "The District is committed to standing by our students and fighting this to completion. The decision affirms what we have believed and we look forward to the retrial that we have been granted."

The CCCAA stripped BC of the title in May of 2013, after it and the Southern California Football Association deemed the program committed numerous rule violations.

According to a 2013 story in the Californian, the six violations dealt with paying a handful of players for on-campus work from the Helmet Club, the BC football booster club, instead of a campus entity; aid in arranging housing for out-of-area players by the BC coaches, how the housing owners were paid, suggesting that work and housing was available to gain interest from recruits, providing pre-game meals before home games and providing an after practice meal once a week during the season.

The Renegades captured the state title with a 35-14 win over City College of San Francisco on Dec. 8, 2012.

"Most of the students that played for the championship were local...so the championship means a lot to not only Bakersfield College, but to Bakersfield and the surrounding communities as well," BC President Sonya Christian said in the news release. "We want to bring the championship back home and provide those who worked so hard the recognition and acknowledgment they deserve."

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Vindication! Well, I will tell you this. That game was a PHENOMINAL game which we won on the field. 16,000 screaming fans made life a living heck for SFran. Their coach said he had never seen such a sight in JC ball.

Bring it back. Then, let's have a victory party at the stadium!

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