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Bakersfield College head coach Jeff Chudy and the Renegades stood for the national anthem prior to a 2014 game against Golden West.

Bakersfield College athletic officials entered unfamiliar territory on Wednesday, as the school begins its search for a new football coach.

In a short press conference at the school, BC Athletic Director Sandi Taylor said she was still “sort of at a loss” following Tuesday’s surprise resignation of Jeff Chudy, who had served as the program’s head coach since 1994.

But with recruiting season in full swing, Taylor said the hiring process had to kick into high gear “sooner vs. later.”

“It’s a critical time for football and we want to make sure that we give our program the best opportunity for success,” Taylor said. “We’re working on plans as we speak and trying to figure out what to do.”

Taylor said it was unknown whether the school would make an internal hire or bring in an outside party. She did, however, say that she planned to retain the remaining members of last season’s coaching staff, despite the Renegades’ disappointing 3-7 finish in 2019.

Taylor was also adamant that the program, which has regularly been built using players from Kern County, would maintain a focus on recruiting locally.

“That’s why this time is critical,” she said. “It is the height of the recruiting season and the spring semester for those local kids. We want to make sure that they stay home and play as a Renegade.”

In 16 years with the program, Chudy compiled a 112-67 record and won a state community college championship in 2012. His 112 victories are second most in program history.

A message left for the coach Wednesday morning was not immediately returned.

No progress on vacated state title

Arguably the highlight of Chudy’s tenure as head coach was leading BC to the 2012 state title, which was eventually vacated.

In November, it was announced that the school’s attempts to reclaim that championship were being taken to trial court, after the State of California Court of Appeal for the Third District ruled the CCCAA stripped BC of the championship by using an invalid arbitration process.

When asked if progress had been made on the matter, Taylor said, “None that I’m aware of. Not right now.”

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Stan would be a good choice.

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It's the whole "woe is me" defeatist tone of her comments that set me off. I stood behind Chudy until last year when at the end of the season, a promising one up to that point, his players gave up. Now, everything is not the coaches fault. But just the body language of the players speaks volumes. I didn't like it.

They have to keep the staff? How about a performance review? There are some good people on the staff. Keep the defensive staff. I say the OC and DC should be up to the new coach. Ryan Nixon???


Ok Sandy, this BC fan is not liking ANY of that!

1. Retain the staff? You're not going to allow a new coach to pick his own staff? You just eliminated a lot of prospective people.

2. Recruiting? Are you kidding me? We have been horrible at recruiting! Mt, Sac has 40k students, yet they have 40 out of state players. We had what? 5???

3. Local players? The best local players go to 4 year colleges. You want to remain 3-7 every year? We will never compete for anything that way.

At a loss? I wasn't. I was hoping for a change, hoping you'd force one.

I was excited last night. I thought we might have some excitement pumped back into the program! How depressing!

This ain't softball Sandy.


There has to be a mixture. Local guys and at least 10 skills players from out of area, out of state. We can't directly recruit but a coach has to create an atmosphere in which they will want to come.


Exactly. BC's most successful seasons in the last two decades had key out of state players. We will always have a solid base of local players, but you have to fill in the gaps. A lot more local talent are forgoing JCs and getting 4 year school schollies.

Taylor is part of that nearsightedness. It's a waste of the greatest fan base and stadium in Junior College football. You can invest in Fieldturf, scoreboard and and lights all you want, but 3-7 records will turn 5,000 fan games into 800 fan games. What a monumental waste. Half of all football playing JCs are in California. We have nonparalled support in a community where the cost of living is much lower than the rest of the state. It's like leaving your Mercedes in the garage and driving your Gremlin because it's made locally. Sandi, share the retirement cake with Jeff. You've put in your time. If you want to stay local, at least be fresh and hire someone like Golla.


Right on!

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