Three Kern County soccer programs will enter their respective Central Section tournaments as No. 1 seeds.

In boys action, Foothill received the top draw in Division IV and Garces is the No. 1-ranked team in Division V.

On the girls' side of the ledger, Arvin has the top spot in Division VI.

"That was out goal, was the get the No. 1 seed. We feel playing on our homefield is an advantage for us, with the way we like to play," said Rams head coach Robbie Gouk. "Keep the ball on the ground, move it around the field quickly."

All three of those programs have first round byes. First round tournament games are scheduled for Wednesday although, due to impending weather, teams can reschedule games for Tuesday evening if necessary.

Local boys games in the opening round that will take place in Bakersfield are No. 10 Clovis at No. 7 Ridgeview in Division I; No. 9 Fresno at No. 8 Highland in Division III; and No. 14 Tehachapi at No. 3 Arvin in Division IV.

Local first round games on the girls side of the ledger are No. 13 Clovis East at No. 4 Liberty in D-I; No. 10 Nipomo at No. 7 Garces in D-II; and No. 9 West at No. 8 Foothill in D-IV.

Central Section Soccer Championships

* First round games scheduled for Wednesday, but could be moved to Tuesday due to impending weather.

First round games


Division I

No. 16 Santa Maria-Pioneer Valley at No. 1 San Luis Obispo

No. 9 South at No. 8 Clovis East

No. 12 Golden Valley at No. 5 Arroyo Grande

No. 13 Fresno-Sunnyside at No. 4 Fresno-Central

No. 14 Liberty at No. 3 Fresno-Bullard

No. 11 Visalia-Golden West at No. 6 Clovis North

No. 10 Clovis at No. 7 Ridgeview

No. 15 Centennial at No. 2 Santa Maria


No. 9 Stockdale at No. 8 Visalia-Redwood

No. 12 Frontier at No. 5 Visalia-El Diamante

No. 13 Atascadero at No. 4 Dinuba

No. 11 Santa Maria-St. Joseph at No. 6 Santa Maria-Righetti

No. 10 Fresno-Edison at No. 7 Selma

Byes: No. 1 Tulare Western, No. 2 Reedley, No. 3 Sanger


No. 9 Fresno at No. 8 Highland

No. 12 Fresno-McLane at No 13 Tulare-Mission Oak

No. 13 Nipomo at No. 4 Lemoore

No. 14 Morro Bay at No. 3 Tulare Union

No. 11 Fresno-Washington Union at No. 6 Templeton

No. 10 Roosevelt at No. 7 Wasco

Byes: No. 1 Madera South, No. 2 Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial


No. 9 Delano at No. 8 Kerman

No. 12 Yosemite at No 5 Orosi

No. 13 McFarland at No. 4 Woodlake

No. 14 Tehachapi at No. 3 Arvin

No. 11 Chowchilla at No. 6 Parlier

No. 10 Mira Monte at No. 7 Chavez

Byes: No. 1 Foothill, No. 2 Lindsay


No. 9 Liberty at No. 8 Rosamond

No. 12 Desert at No. 5 Fowler

No. 11 Kennedy at No. 6 Bishop Union

No. 10 Caruthers at No. 7 Taft

Byes: No. 1 Garces, No. 2 Mendota, No. 3 Riverdale, No. 4 Farmersville


No. 9 Delano-Wonderful Prep at No. 8 Bakersfield Christian

No. 11 Summit Charter Collegiate Academy at No. 6 Orange Cove

No. 10 Frazier Mountain at No. 7 Fresno Christian

Byes: No. 1 Granite Hills, No. 2 Exeter, No. 3 Strathmore, No. 4 Central Valley Christian, No. 5 Firebaugh


Division I

No. 16 Santa Maria-St. Joseph at No. 1 Clovis North

No. 9 Arroyo Grande at No. 8 Visalia-Redwood

No. 12 Paso Robles at No. 5 Clovis West

No. 13 Clovis East at No. 4 Liberty

No. 14 Stockdale at No. 3 San Luis Obispo

No. 11 Clovis-Buchanan at No. 6 Fresno-Bullard

No. 10 Atascadero at No. 7 Clovis

No. 15 Frontier at No. 2 Fresno-Central


No. 9 Sanger at No. 8 Santa Maria-Righetti

No. 11 Bakersfield High at No. 6 Madera

No. 10 Nipomo at No. 7 Garces Memorial

Byes: No. 1 Fresno-Edison, No. 2 Tulare Union, No. 3 Madera-Liberty, No. 4 Highland, No. 5 Tulare Western


No. 16 Bakersfield Christian at No. 1 Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial

No. 9 Hoover at No. 8 Templeton

No. 12 Yosemite at No. 5 Reedley

No. 13 Ridgeview at No. 4 Tulare-Mission Oak

No. 14 Selma at No. 3 Visalia-Golden West

No. 11 Santa Maria at No. 6 Orcutt Academy

No. 10 Independence at No. 7 Visalia-Mt. Whitney

No. 15 Morro Bay at No. 2 Hanford


No. 8 Foothill at No. 9 West

Byes: No. 1 Kingsburg, No. 2 Fowler, No. 3 Exeter, No. 4 Wasco, No. 5 Porterville, No. 6 Fresno-McLane, No. 7 Dinuba


No. 9 Fresno-Roosevelt at No. 8 Dos Palos

No. 12 Chavez at No. 5 Lindsay

No. 13 Coalinga at No. 4 Shafter

No. 14 Caruthers at No. 3 Kerman

No. 11 Kern Valley at No. 6 Bishop Union

No. 10 Woodlake at No. 7 Fresno-Washington Union

No. 15 Desert at No. 2 Orosi

Byes: No. 1 Sierra Pacific


No. 9 Frazier Mountain at No. 8 Corcoran

No. 12 Tranquility at No. 5 Kennedy

No. 13 Firebaugh at No. 4 Minarets

No. 14 Porteville-Summit Charter Collegiate Academy at No. 3 Rosamond

No. 11 Mendota at No. 6 Reedley-Immanuel

No. 10 Porterville-Granite Hills at No. 7 Orange Cover

Byes: No. 1 Arvin, No. 2 Fresno Christian

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