Steven Faulk

Steven Faulk

Steven Faulk loved to teach, he loved to coach and he loved to tell stories.

And he was pretty darn good at all of those things.

Faulk, who taught at South High before becoming an athletic director at North High, died on Jan. 22 following complications of heart surgery. He was 68.

“He touched a lot of lives,” said Stockdale track coach Dave Longsinger. “He was a good friend and a great colleague even though we were at different schools.”

Faulk, who was raised in Gridley, started his teaching career in special education at the Blair Learning Center which was operated by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. It was there he started coaching as well, coaching a Special Olympics Field Hockey team that went on to win a national championship.

He started teaching special education at South in 1984 where he also coached track and field, cross country and football until 2003.

“I actually coached with him at South in 1992 and 1993 and that’s where the friendship started,” Longsinger said. “I was the offensive coordinator and he was the line coach and also ran the weight room. He was an outstanding throws coach, line coach and strength coach. I started coaching at Stockdale in 1994 and we remained great friends.”

Bakersfield Police officer Terrance Lewis, who ran track and played football at South, was one of the many athletes to learn from Faulk.

“I was a sprinter and a receiver and worked with him in the weight room,” he said. “He wasn’t a guy that just sat there and watched. He wanted to make sure everybody was doing everything right and getting something out of it. He was really involved.”

Lonsinger said Faulk never did anything half way.

“He was a very passionate man,” Longsinger said. “Anything he did he was going full in whether it was fitness for himself, a special ed teacher, his coaching or his faith. He was 100 percent in on everything he did.”

Faulk became AD at North in 2003 and served in that role until retiring in 2012.

“I was a teacher and coached cross country and boys soccer when Steve became AD,” said current North athletic director Brian Huens. “He was great to work for. He had a lot of experience coaching and always had good advice.

“He also had good stories to tell. He helped keep things in perspective. He was a history guy and had tons of stories. He loved sports, loved being around the games. He was just a good person to be around.”

And, having served at both South and North, he loved the North-South rivalry, especially in football.

“We have the North-South dinner for the rivalry game, John Wren started the tradition,” Huens said. “The teams meet at whoever the home school is on Wednesday night and have dinner at that school. Steve went to all of those. He talked the boys about the rivalry.”

Faulk stayed active in retirement as he returned to coach at South High. He was also a on the board of the Bob Elias Hall of Fame.

Faulk is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Stephanie.

A memorial will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at Trinity Anglican Church, 11300 Campus Drive with a reception to follow.

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