Kylee Fahy has been blowing away the competition during her freshman year at Bakersfield College.

The Liberty High School graduate has been atop the California Junior College circuit in a handful of key statistical categories: First in strikeouts (234), second in wins (26) and third in ERA (0.98).

She’s also no slouch at the plate — a .349 batting average, to go with a home run, 20 RBIs and 16 runs scored.

All for a Renegades team that owns a 29-8 overall record and an 11-1 first place standing in the Western State Conference's North Division.

“I expected myself to do good. I wasn’t expecting myself to pitch this good against pretty much every team though,” Fahy said. “It’s been a challenge. But I like it.”

Fahy certainly has displayed Division I stuff throughout the season. She said personal family issues during her high school career caused her grades to suffer, however, and she elected to go the junior college route instead of attending Loyola Marymount.

“I should have been focusing more on myself. Trying to get into the college I was supposed to get into was extremely difficult,” she said. “So I decommitted and decided to come here. And it was probably one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. I’ve realized how I needed to mature more school wise and I wasn’t ready to go away yet.”

In turn, Fahy has been nothing short of sensational in the circle for BC. 

She’s fired a no hitter, had seven straight shutout performances, and a streak of 51 consecutive innings without surrendering a run. She had a no-hitter working in Thursday’s win over Allan Hancock, only to have it broken up by a seventh inning double.

All of it has come with Fahy relying predominantly on a fastball that typically clocks in between 65 and 67 mph.

“I feel like I’m getting stronger and smarter with how I play,” she said of her progress this season. “How I’m placing my ball. I spin it more. I know I have to hit my spots.”

It appears Fahy has in fact gotten stronger as the year's moved along. Head coach Casey Goodman said something that separates Fahy from the competition has been an even-keeled demeanor on the field.

“She doesn’t let emotion show out there. If she doesn’t like some of those calls, her face never changes,” Goodman said. “That’s one thing that our pitching coach Megan (Rowe) kind of works with her on. You’ve got to keep your composure at all times. The umpire cannot know if you’re mad or if you’re happy. And she’s done a really, really good job of that.”

That performance is catching the attention of Division I programs once again.

Goodman said she’s received emails from a number of schools asking what Fahy’s plans are after BC. The list includes Division I programs Cal State Fullerton and Sacramento State.

That’s despite the fact Fahy will return to the Renegades next year to continue improving her academics and hone her craft in the circle.

“I almost feel like her agent lately, she’s getting so many stinking emails,” Goodman said, wearing smile across her face.

“After next year, she can pretty much write her own ticket if she keeps it up.”

While Fahy dominated in the circle against Allan Hancock, her second inning triple got the Renegades’ offense moving as well. As she slid into third, Fahy pumped her fists as the dugout celebrated.

“A dual threat,” Goodman said.

“I most definitely think she’s the team MVP. She’s a big part of us. If we didn’t have her, we definitely wouldn’t be making the plays that we have,” added teammate Alexis Solis. “She really deserves it.”

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