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Genesis Quirarte, right, takes on Coalinga's Arianna Andrus in last year's Central Section Masters tournament. The Ridgeview sophomore won 6-4, capturing the 101-pound championship.

The Kern High School District will host the inaugural South Yosemite Conference girls wrestling championships at North High on Thursday night.

The tournament is set up with the individual league championships from the three Yosemite leagues in Kern County (South, Southeast and Southwest) and one at-large wrestler, if applicable, in a two-round championship.

The first round will begin at 6 p.m. and the finals are set for 7:30 p.m.

The winner will receive a commemorative guitar and both finalists will be awarded custom singlets.

Of note, some local wrestlers are not competition in the tournament because of match limits heading into Central Section postseason action next week. This tournament is not part of the section postseason. 


1. Alize Garcia, Ridgeview. 2. Leila Garrido, Foothill. 3. Medha Panchal, Stockdale.


1. Marissa Gomez, Golden Valley. 2. Heydy Albarran, Foothill. 3. Genesis Quirarte, Ridgeview. 4. Monnseratt Lupin, South.


1. Kendra Juarez, Foothill. 2. Celeste Cubilo, Golden Valley. 3. Maria Armendariz, Ridgeview.


1. Ariana Juarez, Foothill. 2. Julianna Ochoa, Ridgeview. 3. Gabriella Orozco, Stockdale. 4. Dayana Aguilar, Independence.


1. Jamae Barnes, West. 2. Sadie Angel, Centennial. 3. Tatiana Sajic, Foothill. 4. Vanessa Nebre, Golden Valley.


1. Yazmine Scherer, North. 2. Yasmine Perez, Mira Monte. 3. Kylie Casillas, Centennial. 4. Yvetter Gutierrez, South


1. Aliana Lefotu, Golden Valley. 2. Jessica Manriquez, Foothill. 3. Paulina Salcado, Centennial. 4. Estella Magallanes, West.


1. Mileanna Villanueva, Golden Valley. 2. Gabriela Machado, Highland. 3. Ashley Flores, Independence


1. Julianna Cortez, Golden Valley. 2. Estella Rodriguez, Foothill.


1. Sbeydi Hernandez, South. 2. Kendall Braswell, Liberty. 3. Mirian Peres, Ridgeview. 4. Amariyae Tucker, Independence.


1. Shareni Donis, South. 2. Assata Lewis, Golden Valley. 3. Regan Hale, Liberty. 4. Aaliysah Watts, Independence.


1. Hailey Adams, North. 2. Hazel Berry, Centennial. 3. Maliya Castillo, Ridgeview. 4. Daniela Castro, Foothill.


1. Savannah Edwards, Centennial. 2. Madison Castro, North. 3. Haley Flores, West


1. Julissa Chavez, South. 2. Macy Bullard, Golden Valley. 3. Gracie Lane, Centennial. 4. Monique Bravo Lerena, Ridgeview.

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