All-League teams are voted on by coaches in each league and are not the same as the BVarsity All-Area teams that will be published Wednesday through Sunday in The Californian. The following lists were provided by respective athletic directors and coaches. For errors and omissions, please email


Southwest Yosemite League

MVP: Jarrett Brannen, Bakersfield

Pitching MVP: Austin Puskaric, Frontier

Rookie of the Year: Cutter Coffey, Liberty

First team

Pitcher: Kris Anglin, Frontier; Nick Oscarson, Liberty

Catcher: Wade Froeloch, Liberty

Infield: Kaleb Dickey, Liberty; Kobe Silva, Frontier; Elijah Pascual, Frontier; Noah James, Bakersfield

Outfield: Jake Baker, Bakersfield; Jacob Tobias, Liberty; David Villegas, Centennial

Utility: Kade Sheedy, Stockdale

Second team

Pitcher: Brady Salyards, Stockdale; Brock Barron, Liberty

Catcher: Owen Nagel, Stockdale

Infield: Andrew Yoder, Liberty; Tristin Tatum, Frontier; Jack Kaiser, Stockdale; Garrett Pavletich, Liberty

Outfield: Brock Calvillo, Frontier; Spencer Jenkins, Centennial; Carson King, Stockdale

Utility: Izzy Halton, Garces

South Yosemite League

Player of the Year: Riley Moran, Ridgeview

Pitcher of the Year: Milo Villalobos, Bakersfield Christian

Rookie of the Year: Evan Cloyd, Bakersfield Christian

First team

Pitcher: Nick Perryman, Independence; Kyle Langston, Bakersfield Christian

Catcher: Miguel Castillo, Ridgeview

Infield: Jose Ruiz, Ridgeview; Jordan Lopez, Independence; Riley Thompson, Tehachapi; Noah Granillo, Bakersfield Christian

Outfield: Joseph Alatorrre, Ridgeview; Eli Fisher, Tehachapi; Daniel Paul, Bakersfield Christian

Utility: Anthony Cuellar, Golden Valley

Second team

Pitcher: Jake Tye, Tehachapi; Jacob Gutierrez, Ridgeview

Infield: Michael Manes, Tehachapi; Sully Avalos, Golden Valley; Nick Flowers, Bakersfield Christian; Ralph Gonzales, Golden Valley

Outfield: Tyler Torigiani, Bakersfield Christian; Joey Avendano, Golden Valley; Daniel Boesler, Tehachapi

Utility: Luis Arroyo, West

Southeast Yosemite League

MVP: Isiah Fajardo, Highland

Pitching MVP: Cesar Delgado, Foothill

Rookie of the Year: A.J. Cleveland, Highland

First team

Pitcher: Jardo Lucas, North; Carlos Lopez, East

Catcher: Andrew Fajardo, Highland

Infield: Joel Mooney, North; Nick Salas, Highland; Gabriel Husein, East; Xabi Iparraguirre, Highland

Outfield: Matthew Miranda, Highland; Jacob Mooney, North; Griffen Scarry, Highland

Utility: Luis Gutierrez, East

Second team

Rookie of the Year: Mark Kolbert, North

Pitcher: Jonathan Rodriguez, Mira Monte; Mathew Rodriguez, Highland

Catcher: Brenden Lynch, North

Infield: Jorge Rodriguez, South; Manuel Chavez, Highland; John Alderete, Mira Monte; Drew Cornelison, North

Outfield: Robert Gutierrez, East; Joey Vidal, Highland; Josh Witcher, Foothill

Utility: Kyle Bryan, North

South Sequoia League

MVP: Caleb Dobbs, Wasco

Rookie of the Year: Elias Salinas, Wasco

First team

Pitcher: Tim Ruiz, Chavez; Jackson VanRoekel, Taft

Catcher: Logun Clark, Taft

Infield: Frankie Hinajosa, Wasco; Gilbert Acevedo, Wasco; Reese Hammons, Taft; Skyler Self, Taft; Christian Delacruz, Arvin

Outfield: Arturo Romero, Wasco; Joel Rocha, Wasco; Luis Rojas, Arvin; Jackson Berry, Taft

Utility: Corbin Yaws

Second team

Pitcher: Luis Perez, Kennedy; Angel Garza, Arvin

Catcher: Elias Gutierrez, Kennedy

Infield: Ever Murguia, Kennedy; Juan Casas, Chavez; Diego Perez, Arvin

Outfield: Yocanni Sandoval, Kennedy; Wesley Graves, Arvin

Utility: Frankie Ruiz, Kennedy


Southwest Yosemite League

MVP: Sydney Hornbuckle, Stockdale

Rookie of the Year: Presley Hosick, Liberty

First team

Pitcher: Talia Nielsen, Liberty; Kelcie Adams, Frontier

Catcher: Kelcie Adams, Frontier

Infield: Izzy Nieblas, Stockdale; Jasmine Gorman, Garces; Jordan Head, Frontier; Shelbie Valencia, Liberty; Mia Alejandro, Centennial

Outfield: Taylor Hardin, Stockdale; Kylee Unruh, Frontier

Utility: Lauryn Serda, Liberty; Hailey Adams, Frontier; Ellie Waguespack, Garces

Second team

Bakersfield: Morgan Wilke

Centennial: Paris Williamson, Bethany Cobian, Baylee Garrett, Ali Smith

Frontier: Kylie Havens

Garces: Carlie Cheek, Shelby Buchanan

Liberty: Nicole Enriquez, Alyssa Miller

Stockdale: Katelyn Hornbuckle, Jayden Beam, Kim Mireles, Faith Hall

South Sequoia League

MVP: Nataly Espinoza, Shafter

First team

Chavez: Arianna Silva

Kennedy: Andrea Jeronimo

McFarland: Neli Diaz, Kathy Rodriguez

Shafter: Jazmin Torres, Alicia Pompa, Katrina Trejo, Maria Carias

Taft: Reagan Montgomery, Raygan Wescott, Kyliegh Phillips, Tayler Portenga

Wasco: Liliana Castillo, Jocelyne Juarez

Second team

Kennedy: Adriana Rodriguez, Samantha Rodriguez

McFarland: Natalie Cantu, Cristal Hernandez

Shafter: Nicole Chavez, Anissa Bernal

Taft: Bree Johansen, Sierra Kozloski

Wasco: Alynna Gonzalez

South Yosemite League

Co-MVPs: Alani Amaya, Independence; Kadyn Smith, Bakersfield Christian

Co-Rookies of the Year: Amanda Lazaro, BCHS; Alyna Ruiz, Ridgeview

First team

Pitcher: Meghan Daffern, Tehachapi; Bailey Damian, Tehachapi

Catcher: Cindy Sanchez, Independence

Infield: Rylee Price, Independence; Te’La Beard, Ridgeview; Brooklyn Reed, BCHS; Elise Ontiveros, Independence

Outfield: Erylin Campos, Independence; Tiffany Martinez, Ridgeview; Britney Sanchez, Independence

Second team

Bakersfield Christian: Alexis Russell, Jazlyn Lugo,

Golden Valley: Anne Procell, Destiny Cuellar

Independence: Anika Romo, Gabby Ramirez, Serenity Ovando

Ridgeview: Trinity Ybarra, Marissa Perez, Seidy Moruo, Audrey Esparza

Tehachapi: Kristen Burgeis, Kennedy Caudle

West: Kaitlyn Woods

Southeast Yosemite League

MVP: Marissa Campos, Highland

Rookie of the Year: Briana Solis, Highland

First team

Pitcher: Jerri Skiles, North; Esmeralda Banuelos, South

Catcher: Chloe Garcia, Highland

Infield: Marisa Garcia, South; Stephanie Sparling, North; Abigail Anderson, Highland; Melissa Rios, South

Outfield: Connie Ramirez, Foothill; Nayeli Chavolla, Highland; Hailey Flud, North

Utility: Emily Lake, North; Brianna Acosta, Highland

Second team

East: Brooklynn Jerdin, Omari Cheese, Lucianna Alderete, Cecilia Alaniz, Mariah Chavrria

Foothill: Jasmine Westberry, Alexia Castro

Highland: Mikayla Nunlist, Maryah Montoya

Mira Monte: Eliza Najara, Lyzette Saldana

North: Lyzeeth Navarro, Rylee Fischer

South: Nivea Rader

Boys Track and field

Southwest Yosemite League

Track MVP: Ramon Henderson, Liberty

Field MVP: Daniel Viveros, Liberty

First team

Luis Javier Torres, Stockdale; Jadin Turner, Frontier; Ethan Jones, Liberty; Isaac Davis, Liberty; Isaiah Bell, Garces

Second team

Sky Blue Gonzales, Liberty; Luis-Ramon Torres, Stockdale; Mark Pandol, Garces; Brayden Christensen, Liberty; Liam Bradex, Frontier

Southeast Yosemite League

Track MVP: Kenneth Rugnao, South

Field MVP: Julian Cueto, East

First team

Tyler Hill, Foothill; Jacob Yagers, Highland; Jonathan James, Mira Monte; Kevin Green, North; Joshua Henry, Highland

Second team

Francis Johnson, Foothill; Mario Gutierrez, Highland; Jeziah Toro, North; Yiannia Vlahkis, Mira Monte; Demetris Acevedo, South

Girls Track and Field 

Southwest Yosemite League

Track MVP: Reese Renz, Liberty

Field MVP: Faith Bender, Liberty

First team

Mia Bolton, Bakersfield; Kynnedi McCall, Bakersfield; Rebecca Vanderpoel, Liberty; Brooklyn Ford, Bakersfield; Alexa Schacher, Liberty

Second team

Nickie Sanchez, Liberty; Ellen Palmgren, Liberty; Brieon Randle, Bakersfield; Bella Rigby, Liberty; Samiyah Walker, Bakersfield

Southeast Yosemite League

Track MVP: Syrena Hamilton, East

Field MVP: Jessianne Solis, Highland

First team

Neshara Smith, East; Haley Ulloa, Highland; Julie Johnson, Highland; Jacqueline Vera, Mira Monte; Serena Cisneros, South

Second team

Karen Martinez, Mira Monte; Shanice Rodriguez, East; Mayra Gomez, Highland; Emily Carcamo, Foothill; Diamonique Dawson, South

Boys golf

Southwest Yosemite League

Dakota Ochoa, Liberty; Maverick Pavletich, Garces; David Chhuon Chan, Stockdale; Adam Duncan, Liberty; Hayden Hughes, Liberty; Karl Chawengchawali, Garces; Giancarlo Sacco, Garces; Drew Jordan, Frontier; Ryan Paulson, Stockdale; Dylan Briscoe, Garces

South Sequoia League

Golfer of the Year: Spencer Cole, Taft

First team

Dawson Lopez, Taft; Aaron Millwee, Shafter; Anthony Sanchez, Chavez; Daniel Denogean, Shafter

Second team

Caleb Wilson, Shafter; Magnum Greenfield, Wasco; Al Alhassan, Chavez; Amandeep Singh, Kennedy; Julian Johnson, Taft

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