Independence quarterback Sergio Borreli took the shotgun snap from center, drifted back and fired a deep pass down the middle of the field to Tre Shorter for a long gain.

The play — the very first of game between the Falcons and Frontier — was called back due to an ineligible man downfield penalty.

That miscue proved to be a speed bump on the way to a spectacular first half by Borreli, who completed his first seven attempts for 94 yards and two touchdowns.

Borreli's hot-start paved the way for the visiting Falcons to claim the early momentum and defeat the Titans 33-24 on Friday night.

Borreli finished the evening 12 of 19 for 186 yards and four touchdowns.

"We just came out and figured that, hey, we're going to keep doing what we can do to win," Independence coach Tyler Schilhabel said. "We're going to throw the ball. They couldn't adjust to it. We were able to exploit their defense a little down the field. Figured just stick with. Run the ball when we need to and take care of business."

Malik Delouth had six receptions for 106 yards and three touchdowns in helping the Falcons beat the Titans for the first time ever.

Independence was previously 0-6 against Frontier.

"It's a great one," Schilhabel said of the win. "I talked a little bit about it this week. We're trying to get some wins against some team we never have. This is one of the first ones. Now we have a few more to take care of."

Independence never trailed, but had to hold on during a wild second half to pull out the victory.

Frontier quarterback Dustin Montanio fired three second-half touchdowns to pull the Titans within two-points of tying the game on three separate occasions.

But all three times the Falcons responded with touchdowns.

Montanio was 19 of 36 for 293 yards passing and had three interceptions.

Independence led Frontier 12-3 at halftime.

The Falcons scored touchdowns on their first possession of the game and then again on the first play of the second quarter.

After receiving the opening kickoff, Independence drove 65 yards on 10 plays, the last of which was a 13-yard TD pass from Borreli to Shorter.

Frontier struggled to move the ball in the first half but managed to answer with its only points of the opening half, a 23-yard field goal by Elijah Toppila.

The Falcons responded five plays later with a 27-yard touchdown pass by Borreli to Delouth, who made the leaping catch near the sideline at the 1-yard line and then turned and sped into the end zone.

Frontier had just 107 net yards in the first half.

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