Jockey Club

The following athletes will receive awards from the Bakersfield Jockey Club on Monday at Hodel’s at 11:45 a.m. and the public is invited.

Girls volleyball: Hailey Plugge — Frontier; Lucca Van Fossen, Paige Miller — Ridgeview; Lexi Sanchez, Dani Olliqui — South.

Girls cross country: Priscilla Barajas — Shafter.

Football: Jaali Burres, Jacob Zavala — Ridgeview; Colby Warkentin, Grant Bloom — Centennial; Carlos Flores, Jason Fair — Golden Valley; Rafa Zamudio, Will Waterhouse — Shafter; Joe Jones, Ryan Harlan — South.

Girls tennis

Garces 5,

Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial 4

at Garces

SINGLES: Drulias, G, d. Fung 6-3, 6-3; Sala, G, d. Martinez 6-1, 6-2; Thomas, G, d. Der Manuel 6-3, 7-6; Aguiano, SJM, d. Mercado 6-3, 6-3; Bouldukian, G, d. Bartko 6-1, 6-4; English, G, d. Vived 6-1, 6-2.

DOUBLES: Fung-Martinez, SJM, d. Sala-Thomas 8-5; Bartko-Nellie, SJM, d. Demler-Etcheverria 8-3; Nicole-Juliea, SJM, d. Goode-Aldrete 8-5.

W-L: Garces (10-3), Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial (8-3)

Boys cross country

Wolfpack Invitational at Hart Park

Top-20 finishers

Bryan Gaxiola, Ridgeview

Alex Cuevas, Ridgeview

Jacob Yagers, Highland

Gerardo Moreno, Ridgeview

Jonah Molina, Ridgeview

Ased Adus, Ridgeview

Nathanael Rodriguez, East

Juan C. Ramirez, Wasco

Peter Wykoff, Highland

Jacob McNitt, Highland

Matthew Berry, Highland

Mario Gutierrez, Highland

Elias Arteaga, Highland

Jordann Bueno, Ridgeview

Juan Palma, Arvin

Jonathon Martin, Wasco

Kevin Acosta, Wasco

Gabriel Mendez, Ridgeview

Abraham Castro, Arvin

Alex Navejas, Highland

Girls cross country

Wolfpack Invitational at Hart Park

Top-20 finishers

Sayra Raya, Wasco

Haley Ullola, Highland

Valeria Valdez, Wasco

Crystal Torrecillas, Highland

Ysabel Gamon

Crystal Raya, Wasco

Allie Arretche, Garces

Alondra Ramirez, Mira Monte

Alexa Coburn, Highland

Andrea Arias, Mira Monte

Savanna Ericsson, Ridgeview

Lizbeth Herrera, Mira Monte

Juliette Sierra, Tehachapi

Josephine Trillo, Tehachapi

Alejandra Birrueta, Wasco

Isabel Medina, Ridgeview

Mia Garcia, East

Sophia Curutchague, Garces

Hosana Saucedo, Mira Monte

Karen Martinez, Mira Monte

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