Roisin and Siobhan Rodriguez

Twin sisters Roisin and Siobhan Rodriguez pose for a photo before signing to play soccer at Cal State Bakersfield. The Frontier High School seniors have been playing together since age four.

When it comes to soccer, twin sisters Roisin and Siobhan Rodriguez are not accustomed to being apart.

Since age 4, when their father, Ryan Rodriguez, signed them up to play in a local rec league, the sisters have been an inseparable pair on the pitch. When one scored a goal, the other was always the first to join her in celebration, and they’ve only gotten closer as they’ve reached young adulthood.

“I remember always having that bond with the game and it’s actually growing more to this day,” said Siobhan, who like her sister, is a senior at Frontier High School.

With college on the horizon, a recent event ensured that bond will only grow tighter in the coming years.

As she sat in the family kitchen with a collegiate national letter of intent just awaiting a signature in front of her, Roisin said a monumental moment was made all the more special when she looked to her left to see Siobhan, who had a letter from the same school placed in front of her.

In unison, the sisters put pen to paper, officially committing to continue their careers together at the Division-I level, signing with their hometown school, Cal State Bakersfield, on Nov. 11.

“It felt so surreal” Roisin said. “I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4 and to think that my best friend, the person that’s been by my side through my entire athletic career would be continuing the next step in life with me ... it was something that kind of came to me at the right time and I didn’t want to let go of it.”

“I never thought we’d actually stay together for this long,” Siobhan added. “I feel like usually siblings go their separate ways. But this is really nice to be together and I can’t wait to see how it goes.”

With COVID-19 creating so much global uncertainty, the sisters both developed a desire to stay in their hometown and were excited to know their parents and extended family wouldn’t have to travel far to see them play.

And while they still hope to have one more season together at Frontier, the Rodriguez twins have already started planning out their collegiate futures together, as they try to mentally and physically prepare to make the jump from high school to Division I.

Luckily, they won’t have to look far to find a proper support system as they attempt to find their footing at CSUB.

“It will be extremely helpful to have her by my side,” Siobhan said. “When times get tough, we have to stay mentally strong and I know that she’ll be there with me to strengthen my confidence.

Added Roisin: “It will be incredibly helpful knowing that she’s always going to be there and be someone I can rely on 110 percent. I just feel like my decision to go with her is the easiest decision I’ve made.”