Jeff Hicks

Former Liberty coach Jeff Hicks

Former Liberty boys basketball coach Jeff Hicks has been charged with annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18.

Hicks has been on paid administrative leave at Liberty since Nov. 5 and has been prohibited from stepping foot on any Kern High School District campus during that time. Hicks was also a math teacher at the school.

Last week the Bakersfield Police Department submitted documents to the Kern County District Attorney’s office to file misdemeanor charges against Hicks.

Penal Code 647.6 makes it a crime to annoy or molest a child under the age of 18 or an adult believed to to be under 18. It refers to conduct which is motivated by sexual interest in a child, or in children generally and which is likely to disturb, irritate or be observed by a child or children.

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[censored] Wow a misdemeanor...let's just slap him on the wrist, NO BIGGIE! Our justice system is so screwed up!


He's not even been found guilty yet. Give the system time to work itself out. Misdemeanor can definitely mean jail time, and there's not even been any reporting on what his actual "crime" was (in detail). Don't rush to judgment yet.


So, when can we expect the "paid" leave to be over with and a "termination" or at least "unpaid" leave to be in effect?


Simply texting a child can be a violation of the law, whether it is sexual in nature or not. If he is convicted bye bye teaching license and registration...


@Mike - That is literally not true at all. Texting students - especially via monitored apps - is allowed. And furthermore, you are wildly out of touch if you think that in this day and age that students are not texting teachers for information about games, schedules, due dates, etc. It happens all the time. Smart, savvy teachers will include parents on the texts or use apps like Remind or ClassDojo. But, your initial comment about violating the law is not correct.

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