All sports on the CIF 2020-21 calendar have officially been pushed back. 

Fears that seasons would be delayed became fully realized when the CIF made the decision to delay both the fall and spring seasons on Monday morning.

Moments after the CIF's decision, the Central section released its fall schedule start dates, ruling that football, cross country, water polo and volleyball teams could begin practice on Dec. 14. Football can begin playing games on Jan. 7, with the other three sports allowed to start on Dec. 28.

In it's Monday release, the CIF also released a calendar revealing the last dates for when section and regional/state playoffs could be held.

Currently, the last day volleyball and water polo can host section tournaments is March 13, with regional/state championships scheduled to go as late as March 20.

Cross country has an end date of March 20 for sections and March 27 for regional/state tournaments. Football sections have an April 10 end date, with state tournaments running as late as April 17.

The CIF ruling will also greatly impact winter and spring sports, which are being pushed back by several months as well.

Under the current guidelines, the Central Section ruled that soccer, tennis, basketball, wrestling and swimming and diving teams can begin practice on Feb. 22, with matches starting on March 8.

Baseball, softball, golf and track and field can practice on March 15 and begin competition on March 27.

The last dates for section and regional/state playoffs for soccer, swimming and diving and tennis are May 29/June 5. Wrestling section tournaments will end by June 5, basketball and golf sections will run sections as late as June 12, with baseball, softball and track hosting sections on or before June 19.

The wrestling state tournament can run as late as June 12, basketball regional/state tournaments can run until June 19, golf can go as late as June 23, with baseball, softball and track going as late as June 26.

In a bit of a surprise move also ruled that athletes could simultaneously compete with both a high school and club team. In 2020, Pasadena-Marshall was disqualified from the Division 4 boys Soccer Regional after it was discovered one of their players competed with an outside club during the season.

California has not hosted a high school sporting event since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that swimming, wrestling and basketball would begin practices on March 8 and competition on March 20. The Central Section altered those dates on Monday afternoon.

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