Kirk Boywer

Kirk Bowyer, Liberty

When Liberty High opened in 1999 and needed a golf coach, Kirk Boyer jumped at the opportunity.

“I’m a pretty avid player.” Boyer said. “It’s one of those things when you’re young and getting out of college and you’re competitive. It absolutely kept me in the game. I was lucky enough when they opened the school to start the program.”

And fortunate enough to have some pretty good players and teams over the years, including this past season when the Patriots sent the only players from Kern County to the CIF Southern California Regionals.

For that, Kirk is the 2019 BVarsity Boys Golf Coach of The Year.

The Patriots were led by two-time All-Area Player of the Year Dakota Ochoa closely followed by 2019 All-Area players Adam Duncan and Hayden Hughes. All three advanced to regional competition.

“We have three guys on the All-Area team this year and have had four All-Area Players the Year in a row,” Boyer said of Liberty’s recent success in producing top golfers.

But despite the individual successes, the Patriots have come up short when trying to win a league title.

In high school golf the top five scores determine the total team score. In case of a tie, the team who has the sixth best score gets the win.

“Twice this year we lost on the sixth man,” Boyer said. “It happens more than people think.”

Boyer also notes high school golf league meets are unique in that the better players go our first and the higher scorers later.

“That puts a lot of pressure on the number five and six guys,” Boyer said.

But that pressure can help them improve, Boyer said.

“You have to work hard to be good at golf, really hard.” he said. “But it’s a truly great sport. All these young guys are playing something they can play the rest of their lives.”

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