As it turns out, Gabriel Bossi will never take the floor for the boys basketball team at Foothill.

In a letter from the State CIF Appeals Panel, Bossi has been ruled ineligible for one year.

As a senior, he will not play this season before graduating in June.

According to the document and confirmed by Foothill coach Wes Davis on Friday, Bossi moved in with Davis in June. According to the document, Davis was named a caregiver of Bossi.

Central Section commissioner Jim Crichlow initially found Bossi ineligible at the beginning of the basketball season in December and then the case was brought to the appeal board on Jan. 12.

Bossi’s mother moved him to Fresno in May where he attended Hoover High School and reside with his aunt until the end of the school year.

Bossi attended Corliss High School in Chicago, where he was a starting guard on the varsity basketball team last season.

Davis stated that his move to Fresno initially was to get him out of a crime-ridden situation and the move to Bakersfield was to have a strong male influence in his life more than just being able to play basketball.

Foothill is currently 12-11 overall and 6-2 in Southeast Yosemite League play heading into Friday night’s game at East.

The team had two other transfers in seniors Elijah Seals and Warren Stingley granted eligibility in December.

“Our life will continue. Just because he cannot play the sport, I am not kicking him out of the house,” Davis said. “He is like a son to me. We celebrate his senior year in high school, more than just playing basketball.”

BHS hires new volleyball coach

Bakersfield High athletic director Jeff Scott announced Edithza Urias as the new volleyball coach.

Urias was the coach at Independence in 2018 and replaces Ashley Wires, who stepped down after two years as the Drillers head coach. 

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