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A forgettable season came to a dreadful end for the Bakersfield College football team, which set a program record for home futility in a 24-7 season-ending loss to College of the Canyons Saturday night.

Things started badly when the Renegades had a 29-yard field goal try blocked in the first quarter, a play the Cougars turned into a 39-yard field goal.

Canyons then stretched its lead with a pair of second quarter touchdowns, the first of which came on a 2-yard Cayden Dunn touchdown run that capped a 19-play, 98-yard drive.

Down 17-0 at the half, the Renegades came out strong on the first drive of the third quarter. Quarterback Larry Harrington hit Victor Boggs Jr. for 17 yards on 3rd-and-12, a play that set up a 2-yard Isaiah Martin touchdown run five plays later.

But any positive momentum was killed by further special teams issues, as Lennox Howard returned a punt 45 yards for a  Canyons touchdown. The Renegades also missed a second field goal try, this one from 39 yards away, in early in the fourth quarter.

Though it forced two second half turnovers to limit Cougar scoring, the Renegade defense allowed a season-high 425 yards.

Aside from 2011 and 2012, in which BC had wins taken away due to CCCAA rule violations, this marked the first season the Renegades went winless at home since Memorial Stadium opened in 1955, going 0-5

The struggles were reflected by the attendance numbers. The combined total attendance for the five home games was 16,235. Memorial Stadium has a capacity of 19,468.

BC closes the year 3-7, and just 1-4 in the SCFA.

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In order to salvage the fans who were willing to ait through 5 gut wrenching losses at home, and for the good of a long storied but currently destroyed program, the coaching staff should be let go.

BC fans, and the local high school kids deserve it.


No out of state players, no winning. It's that simple. Nobody cares about improved snack bars and Fieldturf, this is Bakersfield, they want wins. Spend that money on bringing back dorms. It's like after 2012, they are afraid of the worthless CCCAA. Now I know what Nebraska fans feel like, from National power to futility. It's time for wholesale changes, but as long as Taylor is A.D. she's not going to do anything other than status quo and covering her own behind. I cannot even remember EVER, a Renegade team going winless at Memorial Stadium. If the 64 year old iconic stadium were capable, it would weep.

Worrying about stadium improvements while your team flounders is like putting lipstick on a pig and pushing her out on the beauty pageant stage. The only thing you're going to get is derision and embarrassment.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Exactly. They figured by updating the stadium, it would attract more fans. The truth is gameplay attracts fans- this has been and will always be a football town. BC needs to step it up like you mentioned, in order to make the money spent worth it.


The worst JC team in the nation—by far—considering the tremendous facilities and stadium AND support of community (city size and team legacy) vs the horrible facilities and stadiums (and uninterested communities with virtually no community support nor team legacy) all of the other JC’s out there nationwide not just California. Forget the out-of-state handicaps us moaning. Recruit. Ya got the goods. The stadium. The legacy. Until housing imports gets straight just utilize superior recruitment. Simple right?

That takes superior coaches than what virtual vomit what we have now. Coach Cruddy? Really? Jeez

Recruit and compete n quit embarrassing KC

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