Lucy, a high energy golden retriever, lives in a house with her family, and needs to have plenty of walks and exercise to keep her happy and healthy. Golden Retrievers are known to be very hairy, and they love to get as dirty as possible by digging and rolling in everything disgusting along the way. Upon returning from walks, it can be difficult for her family to keep their home clean from muddy paws and that stinky wet dog smell. Her paws are often covered in mud, and her underside usually has grass, sticks, and other mysterious things, not to mention bacteria and germs from god knows what she's encountered along the way.

Her family needs to clean her up before she gets back into the car or the house after a fun-filled adventure.

A bath every day is not healthy for your dog's skin; it can dry your dog's skin out, causing itchiness and irritation. The best solution is to find alternatives to get the mud and grime off after her daily walk. Here are five quick and easy tips to take to keep your pooch clean.

1. Prepare ahead of time for dirty feet. For your home, have an absorbent mat by the door. A mat will help protect your floors by soaking any excess water and prevent your pup and your family from slipping on any moisture.

2. Use a portable dog shower to rinse your dog's paws from dirt and debris thoroughly. Be sure to check paws as well for any cuts or sharp items that may have lodged between the toes. Get rid of sticks and other large debris by hand, especially on the belly where it tends to get tangled.

Expert tip: has a portable dog shower that is useful for keeping your vehicle clean from mud and debris. Fill it with warm water for those colder days.

3. Dry your pet off with an absorbent towel.

4. Brush out your dog thoroughly to remove any excess dirt.

5. If your dog is really filthy and muddy, he may need a thorough wash. However, you should be prepared to give your dog a quick clean at the door, to prevent tracking germs, mud, and dirt through your house on the way to the bathtub. Keep an eye out for skin irritation from regular cleaning. Many Dog Shampoos can contain harsh chemicals, and even water can dry out skin if used too frequently. When you do use a shampoo for those extra muddy days, use an all-natural shampoo that has natural ingredients and is mild on your pet's skin. has a great zero waste, natural dog shampoo with no chemicals added.

Your dog loves his or her exercise, but you may not like the mud and germs he tracks back to your home. You can try and get away with cleaning and drying his paws and wiping your dog's face and butt off to make him house or car worthy once again. However, sometimes mud happens! Dogs get dirty and are exposed to many grimy things on walks--you will want to wipe your puppy off to remove the muck and grime before letting your dog back in the house. The key is to be prepared!

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