"Those two jurors are heroes and Mr. Bratton, while taking umbrage with the 10 'killer jurors,' owes his very life not just to jurors 8 and 9, and not just Ms. Singh and I, but to the entire American jury system that has been a hallmark of our nation since the Revolutionary War." — Deputy Public Defender Paul Cadman after his client, Dennis Bratton, avoided the death penalty and was sentenced to life without parole for stomping another inmate to death at Kern Valley State Prison. Public Defender Pam Singh was the other attorney who represented Bratton. 

"Her kids were everything to her. They were her number-one priority." — Ana Bautista, speaking of her cousin, Laura Garcia, a mother of four, who was fatally shot alongside her father Eliseo Cazares, in a shooting rampage in southeast Bakersfield that left six dead in September. Garcia was a mother to twin boys in eighth grade, a son in second grade and a daughter in first grade.

"I know his spirit's in heaven." — Jason Freeman talking about his grandfather, notorious cult leader Charles Manson. 

"It's within the range of what we do on these cases. But you know me, I'm a rebel for the cause of humanity." — defense attorney Kyle J. Humphrey regarding the two-year prison sentence his client, Edward Gonzalez, received after pleading no contest to lewd or lascivious acts with a child.

“Any parent’s worst nightmare is not being able to find your child. It doesn’t matter how old they are.” — Cheryl Holsonbake, mother of Micah Holsonbake, 35, who has been missing since March, and whose disappearance Cheryl believes is related to the cases of Baylee Parrent-Despot, a 20-year-old woman who has been missing since April, and the unsolved murder of James Kulstad in April.

“If we are officially beginning, I would like to pick up my April fees today or tomorrow from the group. So long as they are part of ‘your’ group, I will charge one price for everyone: 3000. Please let the members know this is ‘your’ rate. Individually the rate would be nearly 3x the am.” — A text sent from Fernando Jara, husband of Supervisor Leticia Perez, in which Jara appears to ask for money to set up a meeting between his wife and a local marijuana dispensary group as supervisors were grappling with how to regulate marijuana in Kern County.

"I pulled my gun. I began firing in his direction. I fired until my gun slide was stuck in the open position. I dropped the magazine. I reloaded." — former correctional officer Rigoberto Sanchez testifying in August to fatally shooting another correctional officer. Sanchez was found guilty of murder. 

“Never doubt yourself and what you are capable of doing no matter what the circumstance is. It will never be more than you can handle. ... You just have to make that choice to attack it head on." — Tyler Schilhabel, 24, the current head football coach at Independence High and the school's former quarterback, who was paralyzed following an off-road vehicle accident in 2010.

“I had a running joke with coach Bowser. I told him at the beginning of the year, ‘We’re going undefeated. We’re gonna go 11-0. We’re gonna win the national championship. He just kind of looked at me and laughed. … He said, ‘I just want to win Week 1.’” — Stan Greene, former quarterback for the Bakersfield College football team that won the national title in 1988, reliving moments from the season and the championship game 30 years ago.

"I think it started with AB 109 (prison realignment) in 2011. Then Prop 47, Prop 57 and it's been a sea change in the criminal justice system moving away from victims' rights and on rehabilitation, which is fine, but this has gone far beyond rehabilitation." — District Attorney Lisa Green in September discussing a bill seeking to overturn California's felony murder rule. Gov. Jerry Brown later signed the bill into law, limiting prosecutors' ability in filing murder charges against accomplices in a crime who did not actually commit the killing.

"If they couldn't control the game, they took their ball and went home." — Dennis Mullins, chairman of the Kern Groundwater Authority, referring to county government's plan to withdraw from the KGA, a reversal from its earlier attempts to play a leading role in local groundwater regulation.

"He was a little slick, you know what I mean?" — Bakersfield businessman Alex Otten, explaining how he decided not to put money in the now-defunct Bakersfield Investment Club because of the demeanor of its founder, Daniel Nase.

"Everybody talks about how great it was and all that. But when the business was here, nobody paid the $20 for a ticket." — Chencho Madera, former owner of The Dome, the Bakersfield events venue built in 1940 and demolished in October.

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