Maybe it comes with serving two tours in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, but Kern County Judge Louis Etcheverry could be tough in his pursuit of justice, said friends and family following the Jan. 1 death of Etcheverry at 75. Make that tough but fair — a man who believed in second chances.

“You couldn’t find a more caring and loving man with the utmost integrity in everything he did,” said Etcheverry’s daughter, Paige. “He was definitely my hero.”

Etcheverry was an attorney and then a federal magistrate before being appointed to the Kern County Superior Court in 2005 by former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2012, he was elected after running unopposed. He retired in 2013 but was part of a program that assigned judges to outlying areas, like Inyo County.

“Louis just had a calming sense with people. Juries loved him and the whole community loved him,” said attorney David A. Torres. “He was a constant gentleman and the epitome of a good-hearted man seeking justice.”