Karin Enebo's lessons usually centered on the violin but, occasionally, students in need of a little advice or a second mom learned a thing or two about life as well. The Bakersfield music teacher died Dec. 9 at age 61.

"She had that connection with all her students," said Zane Adamo, who recently graduated from Cal State Monterey Bay with a degree in film studies. "I was working on violin solo with her for almost two years, and we went through this whole emotional process of working on a big piece together."

Adamo estimates that at any given time, Enebo had as many as 20 students, quite a load but one that allowed her to turn private lessons into her main career.

In addition to teaching, Enebo was an accomplished violinist herself, and played with the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra for a number of years. 

"She was the finest violinist I've ever heard," said Adamo, who took lessons from Enebo for 14 years, starting at the age of 6.

"Sometimes you wouldn't play a single note at lesson, but got a lot done that had nothing to do with the violin.

"The best thing I learned from Karin wasn't a technical thing on the violin, but it was love and appreciation for the arts, and the violin more especially."