Bakersfield College President Sonya Christian, visiting the TBC Studio Wednesday for "One on One," talked to columnist Robert Price about the half-billion dollars in capital projects the Kern Community College District has undertaken with the Measure J money approved by voters. Christian is especially excited about the development of BC's southwest campus, the newly authorized Arvin campus and various new opportunities to move students through the community college system quickly and efficiently. Check out Price's weekly webcast, and guest Sonya Christian, on

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There are A LOT of good things going on BC to increase the number of students getting degrees/certificates every year and more quickly for the students, so they can get the higher-paying jobs a college education can provide. BC Southwest, Early College (high-school to college), rural outreach and more classrooms via Measure J money are ways we're increasing opportunities for students and reducing waitlists. Not just one thing but, rather, a package of things working together to meet the need to produce more college-educated people that our future economy is going to require.
Our work is noticed by other colleges in the state, many colleges have visited BC to learn about guided pathways in which we've taken the lead. President Christian is on the Student Centered Funding Formula oversight committee for the state to ensure the needs of the Central Valley college students are met (so we in the Central Valley get our fair share this time). We've also been noticed nationally and, so President Christian will be going to Washington DC to share the Early College model with national policy makers---scale up this innovation to the national level. There is a reason why we passed our accreditation certification with flying colors!

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