If it seems to you that Bakersfield is changing, you-re not alone. You're right -- it is. And entrepreneur Austin Smith is one of the reason it's changing. The millennials are taking over and they're not messing around. Smith joins me, Robert Price, on "One on One".

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Doctor's wife Googles Bakersfield and discovers the air she would be breathing if moved here causes cancer, asthma, valley fever and other illnesses. That the sky is so thick in pollutants she can actually see it, but not the city of Bakersfield. She will rightly tell her husband no please. He counters with they are willing to pay me much more ( Hazard pay) . Yes, nice that a revitalization downtown is happening, however until you are willing to fix the fundamentals, toxic air, poor performing schools and filthy streets the lipstick on the pig will wear off. Would you do an in-depth series on Bakersfield obsession /dependence on the oil business. Or at least spin the perception of downtown with a walking tour ( non summer months) . You have historical buildings, underground rooms, alleys, great antique stores etc....create a map, story and start the tours with guide. Think Boston, but not.

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