Six people were killed in southeast Bakersfield Wednesday evening in what Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood described as a "mass shooting."

That includes five victims and a suspect, the sheriff said.

"This is highly unusual to have six people shot and dead in one incident," Youngblood said. Asked if this was a mass shooting, the sheriff said "absolutely."

Addressing the media around 8 p.m., Youngblood said the suspect went to a trucking business with his wife and confronted another male at the business, which is located on Manwell Boulevard behind Bear Mountain Sports.

The husband shot the man at the trucking company, and then turned and shot his wife. A third male who showed up at the scene was pursued and shot by the husband.

The husband then went to a residence near the corner of Breckenridge Road and Mesquite Lane where he confronted a man and a woman at a residence and shot them. Both died. He then carjacked a vehicle with a woman and child in it. The woman and child escaped. 

A deputy found him driving on Edison Highway. The suspect pulled into a lot and when the deputy confronted him, he shot himself in the chest. 

Deputies first responded to the incident at 5:20 p.m.

About 30 people witnessed the shootings and are being interviewed by deputies. Youngblood was not aware of anyone else who was shot beyond the people who died. 

Youngblood was peppered with questions about the identities and ages of the deceased, and how they might be connected or related. He said that would all need to be investigated by the many deputies and detectives already working on the case. 

People were sobbing in front of Bear Mountain Sports. Authorities were interviewing neighbors near the residence on Breckenridge.

Californian staffers Sam Morgen, Felix Adamo, Christine L. Peterson and Stacey Shepard contributed to this report. 

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John Campbell

I was not, let me say that again, NOT, a law abiding gun owner in nearly every place in this nation I have been for many decades and that includes making deliveries to T&T Trucking. My history in this is nation wide to nearly every place in this nation you can think of and them some for forty years of work history. Now retired.

I carried a firearm concealed without license, without permit, without asking anyone else permission and without any care to do so whether it was legal or not. Why? Because of this very shooting we've now seen here in this story. A shooting that could have taken place anywhere in the nation regardless of any gun law. A shooting that could have been stopped before the death toll rose had someone been their to legitimately defend themselves. When such terrible things happen no talk of platitudes is going to replace the reality. Hand wringing is not going to stop the next person whose mind would delve into harming others any more than a law will.

Moreover, the T&T Trucking property is a "Gun Fee Zone". Notice the shooter didn't care about that either. Notice it didn't stop him. In fact, the one thing missing that could have stopped him was the good guy with the gun, but that wasn't allowed because law abiding citizens respected the property owners rights despite the property owner having no respect for the rights of his employees, customers, nor the public at large for legitimate self defense. When you determine that your property is a gun free zone you open the door for that knowledge to invite those so inclined and determined take advantage of it for they know nothing will stop them.

Be it those who would reach for a firearm in anger or those who would do so to commit harm to others for perceived personal gain, the individuals who do such are cowards. The biggest cowards of all are quitters and the ultimate quitter takes their own life in the end. When your mind dwells on feeling sorry for yourself you have already begun a walk down that dark road. If you find yourself dwelling on self pity it's a good time to stop and reverse your direction before you become the very evil you might tend to see in others.

There are good employees of T&T Trucking who are legitimate gun owners, people who respect the rights of others, people who actually know what rights are and uphold them, but they were not allowed to possess their guns on T&T Trucking property and they abided by it. The same is true of any company throughout the land. That's reality. Don't let them be the next victim by leaving them defenseless. You can't stop evil from existing, but you can fight it and win.


Can one of you libtards please please explain how you think you could have prevented this.


Sure, elect a president and congress who are not funded by the Russians and the NRA and then outlaw hand guns to start with. Of course the Republican party has packed the Supreme court but we just might add two more justices to even it out for a few years just to rub your noses in Mcconnell's stink from denying Obama the chance....there's one scenario for you blowhard........

John Campbell

So your response to this is to fully admit intent to violate the rights of the people, leave them defenseless to defend themselves from such attacks, and a failure to notice that it was that very attitude that allowed for this sort of thing to take place to begin with.

May I remind you that it was the Soviets who determined that disarming the citizenry was the way to go and after the deaths of over 60 thousand of their own countrymen at the hands of the communist government in just the reign of Stalin alone some people still never learn the lesson. Today we have some individuals who feel they can capture their dictatorial will via the courts or by changing the protection of our rights called for by our Constitution, determining our rights to be mere privileges instead. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

I want to get a S&W 500! Never heard of it till this event...what a superior weapon!


It'll make you fell a real man!
Give the NRA's own beautiful and sexy Dana ("the media loves a good mass shooting") Loesch a big hug and kiss too! She's a real friend of freedom and the right to shoot people dead on the spot, when you feel like of course.


Gads where does this "190" come from, I'm sorry but you are a typical liberal democrat! I'll bet it comes down to the: Obvious, this is a simple case of jealousy. Man confronts another man, kills him & his wife whom probably fingered the guy & then killed everyone associated with (in his sick mind) their "fling" Now may not be 100% but close, then some weird stuff from people like 190. Wow, can't you find something better to take out you primitive passive / aggressive liberal minded opinions? Wow again!


The POINT is the gunman choose to USE A GUN to seek revenge he could have stabbed them he could have burned the place down OR he could have got some help with his ANGER problem. Remember "LOCK HER UP" ummm ya know you don't lock people up without a trail unless you're so filled with hate that not obeying the law is okay like our Mr. Trump likes to do....And the NRA does promote violence my friend the same way the government does as a "solution to your problems" if you cannot perceive that you are blind enough to vote for a dictator like 45.
I'm a liberal and proud of it and I'll argue anything you want to argue about if you voted for're fair game to be mocked...........cult following dolt.
Have a great day feeling powerful with your weapons knowing you can easily kill another ones child, father, mother, son and daughter with the pull of YOUR trigger...
That's freedom Republican style!!!!


I'm your huckleberry. I voted for Trump and will do so again. You've already said you're a Liberal and proud of it. So, based on your frustration and anger I say you are a lesbi@n, maybe bi, with no kids or husband. You probably had several abortions when the drunk guys disappear after they wake up the next morning and see their mistake. You also enjoy using the wrong bathroom just for kicks and because Obama's legacy is important to you, even if you wet yourself while peeing standing up. You come from a broken home, hate your dad, your country, your church, God, and most authority figures, including the military and the NRA who afforded you the right to free speech. You feel bored sometimes so you get your kicks by posting in several blogs and vent often when you feel a tantrum coming. You hate the word snowfl@ke, b@sement-dweller, Antif@-N@zi, kill@ry, and Obummer. Defamation of character is your MO because you watch CNN or MSNBC. You would jump at the chance to live in Canada or Venezuela but you know you wouldn't last a month in such places and can't see yourself eating Zoo meat and can't afford fake eyebows. You may be Vegan afterall, or the complete opposite at 4' 7", 190lbs and hate the world. Which is fine. I don't judge. You live in the only country in this planet which allows you to be you, warts and all. Enjoy. Forgive me if I don't reply for a while, I have the weekend, wife and kids to take care of.

John Campbell

You obviously know zero about the NRA and President Trump.
Last I checked President Trump has been in office since January of 2017 and to date he's locked no one up nor does he have the authority nor ability to do so. Frankly, we might be better served to lock you up as you might present a danger to yourself, but like President Trump, I don't make that call. Ya, I believe Hillary Clinton is guilty of numerous crimes and it's not that hard of a conclusion to reach. After all, it's not like her virtue refused to accept the questions in advance of a televised debate during the 2016 election cycle. It's not as though her virtue didn't allow her to plot with the DNC against a fellow candidate in the primaries. It's not as though she has any track record of virtue that would preclude her from violating laws as well. When the "smartest woman in the world" while working as Secretary of State proclaims to FBI investigators that she thought the "C" on confidential documents was "paragraph markings" it does tend to lend to the idea that she might not have been totally truthful. In fact, she never did point out and "A's, B's, or D's" as paragraph markings. Bad staffing perhaps that never gave her those missing paragraphs? :o)


No names yet?? What was the age and race of the gunman?


The laws are working but the culture of violence is being promoted by Mr. Trump and the NRA, do you think the gunman in this tragedy was a Hillary or Obama
supporter.....look at the culture and you'll see the problem.....hatred is the code word and the gunman acted with that intent. Now 5 other people who may not have been pro NRA or filled with anger, like our president, are dead and their children are now victims of the insanity of the NRA and the Republican party. God bless them.


I say 190 is a typical Liberal Loon and Moronic with TDS. Trump Derangement Syndrome.


No I wouldn't insult loons they don't hurt people like you like to do junior.
You're the hate monger insult slinging Trump cultist....good luck. Have a rewarding day knowing you're RIGHT wing (nut) fight fire with fire they say..........Hello to your tribe and give them my sympathy for being related to you. Life goes on with or without Donald Trump I'm sure about that cult follower.


Do you even hear yourself? Get some help. Talk about being filled with hate.


Really troll? You are truly ignorant. NRA or President Trump. Has nothing to do with the violence. Maybe someday. Ignorant people as yourself. Will wake up. Bet you don't even have anything to protect you or your loved ones. Pathetic.


So, I DO NOT advocate all guns from Americans. I do believe this country, that claims to be civilized, should have some form of gun control. As long as the citizens of this country continue to turn a blind eye to the NEED FOR SOME FORM OF GUN CONTROL, this country will not reflect the definition of civilized. Guns are the one of the privileges Americans use freely to do barbaric acts of violence and the government of this country refuses to address a REASONABLE form of gun control. IJS. 😏 as a human being living in the free world, (Republicans, Democratics, Independents), stop calling names and do something that will make s positive impact in this country.


I couldn’t agree with you more concerning everyone getting along regardless of their party affiliation. However, with this horrible event and others concerning guns I would venture to guess 90% of the crimes are committed by NONREGESISTERED gun owners. There is gun contol in place, if you’ve tried to purchase one you would know there is a background check, fingerprinting and a 10 day waiting period. Criminals will not follow the rules like the average citizen who wants to protect themselves and their families.


Boy, all those gun laws are really working


I know right?! It’s a shame these acts of violence continue to happen in this “great” nation because the government refuses to make positive changes to the law of the land.

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