A shooting rampage in southeast Bakersfield Wednesday that killed six people prompted expressions of sadness and anger over yet another mass shooting in the U.S.

Details such as the motive and the relationship between the suspect and most of his victims remained unclear early Thursday as investigators interviewed dozens of witnesses and continued to piece together what happened. 

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, was among many to tweet condolences to the victims and their families.

"Judy and I are shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific loss of life in Bakersfield yesterday. Our entire community, with one heavy heart, is praying for the victims and their families."

Someone with the Twitter handle @TaylorRay_1994 wrote, "@Shooting at #Bakersfield, hits too close to home. Hope everyone in the immediate area will recover and most importantly, to those who lost loved ones, I pray God holds you close during this time."

Others were quick to point out shootings with multiple victims seem to occur on a regular basis in the U.S. 

"Another shooting in America, what’s new? This is normal right?"wrote @Guervio. 

Another Twitter user, @ChRESISTopher, wrote, "Another day in America, another mass shooting. #Bakersfield Stop. The. Gun. Madness."

The gunman and his wife went to a trucking company on Manwell Boulevard behind Bear Mountain Sports early Wednesday evening, according to Sheriff Donny Youngblood. The husband confronted a man at the business and shot him, then turned and shot his wife. A third male who showed up at the scene was chased and shot by the husband.

The husband went to a residence near the corner of Breckenridge Road and Mesquite Lane where he shot and killed a man and woman, the sheriff said. He then carjacked a vehicle with a woman and child in it who managed to escape. 

A deputy found the husband driving on Edison Highway. The suspect pulled into a lot and when the deputy confronted him shot himself in the chest.

Jason Kotowski can be reached at 661-395-7491. Follow him on Twitter: @tbcbreakingnews.

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Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

Too bad this guy didn’t just let dirty cops shoot him first


Crawl back under your rock in Southgate, hater...


good riddance, saved the taxpayers some money...

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