Crime scene tape outside T&T Trucking, Inc., where one of several shootings occurred that left six people dead Wednesday.

Just after 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jeff A. Roney heard gunshots coming from northwest of the transportation business where he works in southeast Bakersfield. 

The general manager of Pacific Transport Refrigeration at first thought it was just someone "acting crazy" and went outside. Then he heard more gunfire.

He ran back in and told everyone to stay inside. 

It wasn't until later that evening Roney heard the bloody toll of Bakersfield's deadliest shooting in recent memory: six dead, including the gunman, at multiple locations, including at a nearby residence. 

"The number count was amazing because I didn't realize anyone got shot," Roney said Thursday morning. 

A press conference regarding the shootings is scheduled for 11 a.m. at Sheriff's Office headquarters.

The first shooting took place at T&T Trucking Inc. on Manwell Boulevard, just north of Di Miller Drive. 

Jake Arbuckle, T&T's director of safety and compliance, said they send their condolences, thoughts and prayers to everyone involved. 

"We're working with the Kern County Sheriff's Office as they investigate and are cooperating fully," he said. 

Alvaro and Norma Duran, owner of nearby A&S Engine Supply, said they left work early yesterday and heard about the shootings later. In the three years they've owned A&S no violent incidents have occurred in the area, Alvaro Duran said.

He said the incident makes him think about taking more precautions when he's at work, especially at night. 

The names of the shooter and victim have not yet been released by the coroner's office. A man outside a house on Breckenridge Road near Mesquite Lane where two of the victims were gunned down declined comment.

KERO-TV reported one of the victims killed was 32-year-old Laura Garcia, a mother of four, and another was Garcia's father, Eliseo Garcia.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood said the incident began at a truck company on Manwell Boulevard off Di Miller Drive. A husband and his wife went to the company and the husband confronted and fatally shot a man there. He then shot and killed his wife.

Another person showed up at the business and the husband chased and killed him too.

The husband then went to the Breckenridge Road residence and shot dead a man and woman there, Youngblood said. He carjacked a vehicle with a woman and child inside. They managed to escape. 

A deputy found the husband driving on Edison Highway. The suspect pulled into a lot and when the deputy confronted him shot himself in the chest.

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