Friday marked an early start to fair for Kern County residents ages 62 and older.

Beginning at 9 a.m. local seniors walked through the gates and began their day with traditional fair food and even a health fair.

Senior Day was sponsored by Dignity Health Medical Network and GEMCare. In turn, not only were guests able to enter the fair for free, they had the opportunity to receive health screenings and tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose. Informational tables from local health and veteran groups were also available.

Michael Vantio, 65, decided to get his blood pressure checked before eating some of his favorite fair food.

“I ain’t getting any younger, I know that,” Vantio said. “Might as well check it before I get a corn dog.”

Vantio and his wife, Lila, 65, have come to Senior Day for a few years now. They mostly enjoy beating the long lines in search of their favorite fair cuisine.

“Every year, we look forward to coming out here. It’s our favorite time of the year, I’d say,” Lila Vantio said. “We’re excited to see some of the performers too.”

Some people weren’t there just for the food and music — James Powell, 74, comes to the fair to check out the animals, especially the cows.

“I am just always in awe of these animals. They’re huge,” Powell said. “But they’re so beautiful. Some people don’t remember to check on them while they’re here.”

Powell was anticipating he and his brother, Charlie, 70, would enjoy a beer early in the afternoon to celebrate the 2019 fair festivities.

“We come out on Senior Day because it really feels like the county cares about us,” Powell said. “It’s not like we can’t come any other day, but on this day, I feel cared for and appreciated.

“And I get to see the cows.”

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Other than the rigorous metal detector and body scan, all things normal. Liked the shoe-wash and hand-wash stations to control e-coli. Nice to see Donny's folks and the 'friendly fair patrol' helping keep the old folks from their usual 'riotous behavior'. And that 'trolly-train' was always on the move. Lots of entertainers . . . and all the vendors charged only $3 for bottled water. The kids in the goat and cattle barns were the REAL & TRUE sign of our tradional sense of "down home" family. . . still with us! Had a good time touring the 'big sheds' and seeing the artisans and their wares. When . . . and as . . . these fairs get their rue notice, we may again find our way back to the "Good Old Days" we all once knew . . . and political parties were only a "nickel's-worth" apart.

MAGA . . . MCaGA . . . MBakoGA . . . !

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