For some the best thing about the Kern County Fair is being shaken, spun, flipped on their head or dropped to the ground from 90 feet in the air — or all of the above at once.

Enter the Carnival.

A couple of big ticket fun rides, swapped in for the 2107 carnival, will headline this year’s fair adventure.

The tallest of those is the Super Shot Drop Tower, which straps 12 daring souls to a ring-shaped ledge of seats, takes them 90 feet in the air and drops them.

Riders feel forces 3 1/2 times those of gravity as they rocket toward the ground.

If a quick spin with 44 of your closest family members and friends is more your speed, then Alien Invasion is your ride.

The cone-shaped ride can host 45 riders and, once they’re strapped in, spins at 24 revolutions per minute, pushing riders to the walls even as, the ride’s description sheet states, they feel a wave of weightlessness sweep over them.

Keeping it kid friendly this year?

There are a couple of fresh options for the little ones to check out.

The Jumping Jungle is a jungle-themed obstacle maze.

And there is The Firehouse featuring challenges, a cargo-net climb and other obstacles for kids and families to explore.

There’s even a kid-sized Ferris wheel for the little ones who aren’t quite ready to ride the adult version to the skies.

Tickets and technicalities

Carnival fans have several options for funding their trip to the midway this year.

Each ride takes between three and five tickets and each ticket costs $1.

You can drop that cost by purchasing in bulk:

• A sheet of 25 tickets goes for $23, or 92 cents a ticket.

• You can get 80 tickets for $70 and pay 88 cents a ticket.

• Or there’s the wristband option, which offers unlimited rides for $30 a day Monday through Thursday or $35 a day Friday through Sunday.

• Early birds with a thirst for thrills can lock in an advance wristband if they get it by Sept. 19. That offers unlimited rides on any day of the fair for $28.

There are some restrictions on who can ride on the attractions.

Some rides have height or weight restrictions that keep kids on the kids rides and adults on the big kid rides.

People wearing open-toed sandals can’t enjoy the Big Top Funhouse, Mardi Gras or Zombie Carnival attractions.

Pregnant women, intoxicated individuals and people wearing casts, slings and walking boots are not allowed on any rides.

Ticket to ride

Below are the rides scheduled to be available at the Kern County Fair as of press time.


What they do: These rides put passengers in a swing, cage, car or seat and spin them around in a variety of ways. Some rides even spin the parts of the ride that are spinning their riders.

Adult spinners: Inversion, Alien Invasion, Orbiter, Quasar, Vertigo, Wave Swinger, Zipper, 1001 Nachts, Starship 3000, Kite Flyer, Scrambler, The Viper, Tornado, Tilt-a Whirl, Flying Bobs.

Kid spinners: Pirate Jet, Ballon Samba, Chopper Hopper, Dizzy Dragon, Squadron, Jumping Jumbos, Lolli Swing, Berry Go Round, Jet Ski, Tommy Kangaroo, Nemo Swing, Cycle Jump, Scrambler.

Tracks and trains

What they do: These rides can take you on a friendly little toot-toot train trip around some scenery or drive you upside down around the inside of a 60-foot-tall ring.

Adult trains and tracks: Ring of Fire, Crazy Train, Zombie Carnival.

Kid trains and tracks: Bigfoot Trucks, Looney Tooter Train, Quad Runner, Roadsters, Rio Train.

Carnival classics

What they do: Ferris wheels and carousels take riders on adventures that have been delighting crowds for more than a century.

Adult classics: The Grand Carousel, Carousel, Eagle 16, Century Wheel, Giant Wheel.

Kid classics: Crown Merry Go Round, Kid Wheel.


What they do: Kids and adults can climb, crawl, scurry and slide through mazes and down chutes. There might even be a bumper car or two waiting for a driver.

Adult funhouses: Giant Scooters, Big Top, Mardi-Gras, State Fair Fun Slide.

Kid funhouses: Jungle of Fun, Jumping Jungle, Firehouse, Renegade, Kids Town.

Coasters and rockers

What they do: These rides take fans on and up and down over a track. Some even throw an extra spin riders’ way. A couple just take people up and drop them.

Adult coasters: Super Shot Drop Tower, Pole Position Spinning Coaster, Spinning Family Coaster.

Kids coasters: Rockin’ Tug, Wacky Worm, Frog Hopper.

Water rides

What they do: Take riders on a splashy ride up and down hills and through watery chutes.

Adult water ride: White Water Log Flume.

Kid water ride: Wet Boats.

James Burger can be reached at 661‑395-7415. Follow him on Twitter: @KernQuirks.

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