Every once in a while, you just need to be shot into the air, spun around or flipped upside down a couple of times. The perfect opportunity to satisfy that itch is fast approaching with opening day of the Kern County Fair right around the corner.

The carnival is always one of the fair’s big attractions. It gives Kern County residents one of the best opportunities for a lesson in physics that one is likely to find outside the classroom.

This year, the carnival has a few changes.


Visitors who have purchased an unlimited ride wristband will have the option of tacking on a $10 fast pass, which will allow the buyer to wait in a ride’s fast-pass line instead of the general line.

Passes are only valid the day of purchase, and not all rides have the fast-pass option.

Another new feature of the carnival is the addition of the smart card, which will allow someone to purchase a card preloaded with money, and use that card instead of cash at each ride.

With the elimination of cash, fair organizers hope to speed up a person’s ability to hop on a ride.

And speaking of rides, the carnival at the Kern County Fair has quite the collection.


This year, two new rides will join the fray.

The Mega FLIP and Pirates of Midway Funhouse will give guests new thrills not seen before at the fair.

Mega FLIP is a boom ride that, true to its name, flips riders upside down on a large swing.

The Pirates of Midway Funhouse is a pirate-themed maze, appropriate for kids of all ages.

Several different types of rides will be available at the carnival, from the classic Ferris wheel to the futuristic-sounding Starship 3000.

From rides that spin to rides that get you soaked, six different categories of rides will be at the carnival.

There are spinners, which give riders the ability to twirl and turn in a safe, but exciting, fashion. Some rides give participants the ability to spin themselves while they are, in turn, being spun by the ride.

Train rides take passengers on either a gentle jaunt or a fierce rush along a track.

Funhouses let kids or adults scurry through a course that has been decorated according to a theme.

Roller coasters are the home of the real thrill-seekers, testing a stomach’s capacity to keep its contents inside the body.

And water rides give carnival-goers a refreshing break from the heat.


During the fair, the carnival will be open from 3 p.m. to closing Monday through Friday and noon to closing Saturday and Sunday.

The fair closes at 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday as well as Sunday. It closes at 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


Tickets for carnival rides cost $1, with each ride requiring three to seven tickets.

Tickets can be ordered in bulk for a slightly cheaper price.

A sheet of 25 tickets are sold each day for $23. A sheet of 80 tickets can be purchased each day of the fair for $70.

Wristbands, which allow for unlimited rides for one day of the fair, can be purchased for $28 until Sept. 18 and $30 Monday through Thursday during the fair. For Friday through Sunday use, the wristbands cost $30.

Sam Morgen can be reached at 661-395-7415. Follow him on Twitter: @smorgenTBC.

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