The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported four new deaths from coronavirus and 59 new cases Saturday morning.

That brings Kern's deaths from the virus to 326 since reporting began in mid-March, and the case total to 30,632.

A total of 14,202 people are said to have recovered from the illness.

This is the age breakdown of the positive cases: 3,516 people up to age 17; 19,031 people ages 18 to 49; 5,442 people ages 50-64; 2,598 ages 65 and older.

The state reports that 82 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Kern, and 20 of those are in intensive care units. Those numbers were last updated Thursday.

The public can find more data on the Kern County Public Health COVID-19 dashboard at

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(14) comments

Masked 2020

Genny and IVY Ur so full of s hit....Covid Kills..

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yorkies: Exactly what part of my response to you boyfriend is "full of s hit"?

Tell me please, because unlike your loony brethren, I actually cite my sources.

Sorry, I can't help it if you give blind allegiance to your MSNBC pundits and won't bother to to one bit of independent research into anything COVID related.

Triggered much, pumpkin? Just pop open some Stella's and drop one of your psychotropics and enjoy the rest of your Sunday...

OBTW: Who is "Genny" anyway? Bwahahaha!


Today 193,000 dead from COVID19 which is equivalent to the 9/11 attack happening 65 times but no outrage from Trump supporters. On 8/22, 57% of Republicans polled stated the nation wide lost of life is an acceptable number.

The Independent Voter

No, around 9,000 dead per the CDC. Additionally, it iS said by the CDC that some 90% of tests given returned as false positives. As for the true numbers, our mortality rate is likely around .03%. Yes, in fact, that is an acceptable number. I have found that of the unnecessary abortions praised, loved and encouraged by Democrats in the country, we're talking a 100% unborn kill rate. No outrage from Democrats. Ever.


Canada reports zero deaths from coronavirus for the first time since March

Gene Pool Chlorinator

That's great to hear.


You aren't accounting for population density...

According to the World Population Review, Canada's population density is 10 people per square mile. The United States' population density is 91 people per square mile.

Much like NYC, the denser the population, the faster the spread.

I hope you aren't actually trying to compare Canada with the US, are you?

Just a little morsel off of the Johns Hopkins website...

Case Fatality Rates:

Canada: 6.7%

USA: 3.0%


BTW—my work is done here. MR. Knowitall is officially retired from posting here.

It’s been fun. I actually have nothing but love for ALL of you. If we all put our differences aside we can unite and truly make America great again! Many of you have good ideas. Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints. Thst’s what makes us Americans. Bakersfield is a wonderful city. KC a terrific county.

If I offended anyone it was not offered with a malignant heart. Just jousting and trolling a bit.

Anyway. God Bless each and every one of you.

And really... NObody KnowsitAL! Adios dear friends.


Oh. And you Good Old Boyz spreading the virus in all yer ignorance... Go fetch me a turkey sandwich from Sub-Stop, no pickles, and extra lettuce. Add a bag of plain Lay’s potato chips, and a big Ice Tea., light on the ice. Two packets of Splenda. And snag me a pack of Cools and a pack of matches. And do NOT forget my house shoes!

The Independent Voter

You like sweetened tea, mrknownothing? Ever try it with sugar or just the Splenda?

The Independent Voter

"Newsom lied, PEOPLE CRIED! More Americans have lost their livelihoods this year than did in the Great Recession of 2008 due to the absolutely catastrophic failure of leadership from Gavin Newsom and his Democratically controlled state legislature." Sorry. Just seeing what it's like to be Dweeb with a copy and paste frenzy. Just looking ahead to today's Dweeb offering. 😁

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@TIV: Well played sir...


Bin Laden 3,000☠

Trump 200,000☠

Send the special ops after Trump

The Independent Voter

You forgot, Dweeb, to post Obama's count. I'll get you going on that - how many in Benghazi?


The best goes on NO opening gonna happen. The scarlet neck brigade is too ignorant to stop behaviors that guarantee NO re-opening. Thank you! I love it closed nice and tight. Love to see the Good Old Boyz squirm and get furious lying in the very bed they themselves made. Lol. So much fun!

That beet-red flushed face anger that wells up from their ignorant hearts is a treat to behold. I drive around smiling and waving—with gloves—at those in massive raised pick-up trucks with FatBoy Red Wig STDonald bumper stickers. Oooooh. That twists them up good. Then I put on da mask: a realm kick in the Pasquali’s!!! Love this town.

So not ONE of you sicko’s licking FatBoyz crusty face has ANY response to the slapping he gave you poor folks on tricking you on truth of virus! Lol. He burst yer lil trust bubble, did he? Awwww. Kinda like finding out about Santa right? Lol

Yup. Lied to yer faces... left you vulnerable and walking around ignorant yo the risk. Betrayed yer wife snd kids. But he told HIS family. Warned them immediately! HaHa. But YOU dummies? His Base? Heck no. Let them savages fend for themselves. I got a re-election coming up. That’s waaaay more important than those dummies and their kids getting sick or dying. They love me. They adore me. Lol. HaHa.

I find THAT to be rich. Hilarious !!! Then I roll on the ground laughing even harder when I see those very same dummies rush to defend him and shove their family aside to do it! Tickles me.

Keep up that ignorance. I love the entertainment. Like going to the zoo and watching the monkeys picking at themselves. Smelling. And loooooving it. Same patterns of the scarlet necks here! Lol

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