The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported 23 new cases of coronavirus Tuesday, and no new deaths.

That brings the total number of confirmed cases in the county to 30,212 since reporting began in mid-March. The total deaths stands at 296.

The county reports that 13,360 residents have recovered from their illness.

This is the age breakdown of the positive cases: 3,472 people up to age 17; 18,786 people ages 18 to 49; 5,363 people ages 50-64; 2,547 ages 65 and older.

The state reports that 80 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Kern, and 25 of those are in intensive care units. Those numbers were last updated Sunday.

The public can find more data on the Kern County Public Health COVID-19 dashboard at

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(21) comments

Masked 2020

its exhausting...and now their are the Woodward tapes...someone needs to put a cork in UncleDon's mouth...both my parents wandered in later years.......but they weren't the captains of the ship......God Save America......Biden-Harris 2020

The Independent Voter

Numbers will be back up, friends. The Labor Day gatherings will give 'em an excuse for one more good spike ahead of what will be sure to be a devastatingly manufactured monster flu season, aka COVID for the purpose of maintaining control up to the election and likely beyond, particularly with Trump's inevitable reelection. They've got to give us a monster second wave or the work since March will become even more transparently obvious. But think of the havoc and destruction they have wrought on themselves in the name of their created scamdemic. Newsom's political future is bleak, Pelosi exposed yet again for the elitist fraud she is, the warring Cuomo and deBlasio being Cuomo and deBlasio. Democratic mayors with their riots and burning buildings. Oh, the Summer of Discontent has come at a price, but not at the expense of Trump's presidency. He'll be back at it post-election pushing through conservative policies, building walls and appointing judges. It is likely he'll get to appoint another Supreme Court justice or two. Or three! 2021 will be an interesting year. 😀


Yeah, you are real “Independent” 😂....enjoy those cult colored glasses while you can my friend.

The Independent Voter

"Independent" means I can only vote for Democrats, FakePatriot? I assess the candidates and/or ballot measures, etc. and decide how I vote based on policy, not ideology. Try it sometime. So, who is part of a cult now? Checking Dem down the ballot regardless of issue us beyond cult - you've now entered the Ignorant Zone. Again, a lefty doesn't address the merits or facts in response to a post or statement - rather they run their mouths and offer nonsense. You help your side truly shine, Sparkles.


You are not Independent. Zero chance you’d ever vote Dem. Weget why you don’t want to admit to being part of the Trump Cult of Freaks....even you know how creepy it is.


In-Depenz-Diapers. What a hoot. Do Zi suppose England and the rest of the world is “in” on the “scamdemic”—all in the name of the US election! Lol. So freshman if you. Yup. UK just shut gatherings down from 30 down to 6. To eliminate group spread—not to fake out the red US voters. So dumb. And I guess Boris went into ICU for kicks and to lend credibility to The Deep State. Ok so Spainnand France and Africa and Brazil... the entire world is “in” on this scam? Right? You are not fit to be called a moron. Sub-grade moron, maybe. HaHa.

Go get yer decoder ring outta the Fruit Loops and change yer stinky diaper. Lol. HaHa.

I am yer daddy and I issue the spankings. Lol

Go guy me a corned beef sandwich and some cottage cheese with a dill slice. And a root beer. And do NOT forget my house shoes, Son!

The Independent Voter

Yer muh daddy? Heh. Nice to see 12 year olds posting and engaged in discourse. Stop giggling, boy - it means discussion. Honestly, kids today!


Lots of lefties here today. Rainbow bathhouse closed...?


What is a “rainbow boathouse”? Oh. Yer home address! Sorry—ain’t got yer habits.

But VERy revealing how yer tortured n confused gender issues take you straight to those images seared into yer memories: dem bathhouse encounters. Please keep yer sick excitements to yourself. This is a family newspaper!!!!


King Donald has set magnificent records during his tenure which will likely get him re-elected in November by his loyal constituency, the MAGA army. He has made us number 1 in the world in virus cases and deaths. We have a record deficit thanks to him and 10 miles of brand new wall which, when completed, will provide additional protection from the virus. Under the King we have accomplished record unemployment, bankruptcies, evictions, foreclosures, and business closures. The largest mass shooting on record occurred in Las Vegas under the LAW AND ORDER President. We have had record numbers of protests and a historical number of lawsuits have been filed against the Trump administration. Not to forget, the record number of sexual assaults by the king and his BFF Epstein. Ivanka is not safe, because she refused the $130,000 from her daddy. The record number of books written about the king proves his approval. This king is so popular he can now denigrate veterans. We already knew his feelings about women and children, which explains why white supremacists are mobilizing militias to prove white men are superior. That NY AG has no right to investigate criminal financial activities of the donald because of what he has accomplished. Yet, after all I have mentioned, the king's greatest achievement is his BFF relationship with Putin. That is unbelievable. MAGA 2020 and BEYOND. LONG LIVE THE KING. (and the trump virus)


What a coward. Go spread your fear at your DNC and every ghetto, barrio, and hood. Control those who would listen to such a dumb@rse spreading lies and garbage.

Masked 2020

Being a oldFart locked up in my retirement bubble I'm always seeking good news in a while back I watched his mailManMinion go 2 battle with the House and the Senate and he seemed 2 B able to defend himself pretty good... what's this? House Oversight Committee will investigate Louis DeJoy following claims he pressured employees to make campaign donations.... cant UncleDon and CuzNMnuchin find anyone with a tad of integrity 2play with...


Public school...?

The Independent Voter

LOL, PopTart. It appears to be no school at all.


More Americans have died this year from the coronavirus than died in World War I due to the absolutely catastrophic failure of leadership from Donald Trump and the Republican Senate.  And more than double the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War. 190,000 grieving families! There's a word for that massive loss of life: unacceptable. The majority of Republicans, 63% say it's ok they died. Republicans, what has happened to your humanity? You were enraged when 3,000 Americans died on 9/11. When did you lose your compassion for your fellow Americans? How about your fellow Republicans that have died? Nothing? Shame on you.


Check out the ECDC Covid numbers. EU equal in total deaths to US even though they mostly shut everything down. Best numbers by EU country now is Sweden who remained open......Herd immunity paying off!


Ummm No. I’ll take Harvard, The Mayo Clinic, and Columbia—home to the world’s most esteemed virus researchers AND why go outside our beloved USA? Oh. Looking for lies or numbers to shuffle like 3-Card FatBoy Red Wig STDonald. Lol

No herd approach with LEADING candidate across the board Biden. HaHa.

How can FatBoy tell you dummies HE can make you safe when all this chaos is happening NOW on HIS watch?! HaHaHa. Nope. Kampala is a cop. Senator and EX Attorney General of BIGGEST state! Yup. Biden brings Law & Order to the table.

Bye-bye scarlet necks!!!

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Dweeb: Pavlov's Dog is alive and well; residing online in TBC's website...


I see you've edited out the line about the 10% of Democrats who are OK with the virus dead.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

I've already debunked that "poll", but he keeps using it.

The mark of a single-minded partisan hack if there ever was one...

Masked 2020

I guess its over.......yeah... Vote deep Blue....Biden-Harris 2020

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