The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported Sunday morning there are 138 new coronavirus cases, and two more deaths.

The brings the total cases to 4,488, and the deaths to 67 since the first cases were reported in Kern County in mid-March.

Here is the age breakdown: 489 cases are among those ages 17 and under; 2,585 cases are among those ages 18 to 49; 923 cases are among those ages 50 to 64; and 481 cases are among those ages 65 and older.

Males make up 47.1 percent of the case count in Kern; females are 52.9 percent.

A total of 52,157 tests have come back negative, while the results of 690 are pending.

You can see all available county data at

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Don't kill your parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents. Wear a mask. Or, kill em. Maybe you don't care.

Independent Voter

No mask here.


It is disgusting how a liberal's mind works.

Poor dweeb.

Independent Voter

Dweeb's a real winner to be sure.


What's more disgusting is the RED BACKLASH against masks. CONGRATULATIONS! RED STATES record spikes in AZ TX FLA! I guess KERN is RED TOO. VIRUS SPREAD. RED VP PENCE "We have done an outstanding job against the virus. All 50 sates have reopened safely and responsibly. We have saved millions of lives." HAHAHAHAHA. First of all, it is not over. You can't state the number of lives saved when lives are being lost daily. The "GREAT JOB" has led to FLA AND TX shutting down bars and guess what next? Unemployment is steady at 1.5 mil new claims a week. RECORD BANKRUPTCIES in last month! NIKE announces layoffs. STATES to announce RECORD layoffs after new budgets July 31, 2020. No defunding police because there will be no funds for police August 1, 2020. No schools because no funding for teachers. REDS get exactly what they deserve. Total destruction of our economy. Thanks to REDS buy your horse and wagons now while they are cheap. We will all be filmed on NAKED AND AFRAID soon thanks to REDS.


Poor Lupe. Just because you were not a winner "in the system" you don't have to burn the system down. Many people worked harder than you and fit right in. We are not privileged. We worked harder. Have you noticed NOT a single middle-class business owner buys the BS from BLM or Kap, or Antifa, or AOC, or the Clinton Foundation, or radical leftist, or Socialists, or Russia/Ukraine, or the Chinese Communist Party's Kung Flu, or the W.H.O. or the Gates foundation, etc.? I guess if you spend your entire day getting stoned, playing in virtual realities, the real world moves on without you, and NOW you want to burn it all down because you are left behind holding your game controller in one hand and a glass pipe on the other. The repo man showed up, the eviction notices tape to your hung-over forehead is telling you something. Those phones you stole during the riots are bricks, those shoes you grabbed were the wrong size, plus they are a tell during a job interview. You should've stole wolverine work boots, steel-toed.



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