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Kern County Public Health Services Director Matt Constantine.

Kern County will soon make publicly available more information on the 251 people who have died from COVID-19. 

The county signed a contract earlier this week with an expert in health privacy who will determine for the county what data can be made public while still complying with state requirements for not identifying individuals. It's unclear when the data will be made available, but it could be as early as next week.

The county previously contracted with the same expert, at a cost of $6,000, after it came under scrutiny for not releasing more information on the county's COVID-19 cases earlier in the year. 

Subsequently, the county began providing age ranges, sex and ethnicity of confirmed COVID-19 infections. However, up until now only a cumulative number of deaths has been provided.

"We're hopeful that now ... we may have the ability to share information about those who have passed away in the communities," Kern County Public Health Services Director Matt Constantine told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. 

Constantine said the county would like to release as much data as possible on COVID-19 deaths, including coexisting conditions that were present among those who died and where in the county the person lived.

The state has guidelines that must be followed for publicly releasing data without providing so much information that an individual could potentially be identified. However, many counties have disregarded or loosely adhered to the rules during the pandemic and released detailed information on COVID-19 cases and deaths.

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(15) comments


Sounds like you're jealous of the president mrknownuthin'. Poor baby. Bless your rotten heart.


More Americans have died this year from the coronavirus than died in World War I.  And more than double the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.  There's a word for that massive loss of life: unacceptable. The majority of Republicans, 63% say it's ok they died. Only 10% of Democrats. Republicans, what has happened to you?

The Independent Voter

Republicans mourn for the lost but live for the living. But it is definitely the pit calling the kettle black, Dweeb, when you drone on about the alleged 175,000 COVID fatalities (prove to me that number is even accurate), yet happily accept as commonplace the shredding and disposal of life in the womb. Sick people.


Wow, the Trumpsters in this stream really reveal the fascist that lives within them. So, 675,000 is unacceptable but 180,000 is acceptable? Now that is pro-life and worth a semester course in ethics. How many dead people do you need to be bothered? Speaking of “pro-life” let’s be honest, you are “pro-birth” but not pro-life because once these poor and non-white fetuses are “born” you could give a dang about their quality of life. Trump/Republican policies are all the evidence you need. Tax cuts for the top 5% but opposed to minimum wage increases. Lastly, GPC, do you inhabit a hole in the ground. We know you live in your statist bubble. Every major news agency reported the poll that MB mentioned, including your beloved Fox. Get out of your basement and off your parents bed and out of your imaginary world of black helicopters and pedophile rings at pizzarerias and try to read legitimate sources of information. Some even include pictures to help you along😏🤔🧐

Gene Pool Chlorinator


Just to edify yourself, nothing you have said about me is anywhere near true, but if you side with Dweeb, the truth escapes you as a matter of principle anyway...

Yeah, I'm familiar with the poll- what it says and what it doesn't say. You apparently stop at the headline and don't bother with the "minutia".

It's not that the Republicans (of which I am not, BTW) are saying they are happy with the death toll- many (64%) think the actual number is lower than what is being reported. There are arguments to be made for and against that view.

On the other side, Democrats (68%) think the actual number is higher than what is being reported. Again, you can make arguments for and against that view as well.

This shouldn't surprise anyone given the tribalism that exists between the two parties, but to simply state that one party is "fine" with the number of deaths is really too simplistic in this case.

Riddle me this Trevor, since you and Dweeb are Bernie Bros, do you also share his racist beliefs? Or do you just cast those aside because you are political soul mates?


Dweeb, let me put this in writing since you believe everything you hear and READ, so READ this and believe it, you're an idiot.


Hey POS, and in 1918, 675,000 died in the United States from the Spanish Flu. So, what is your histrionic point?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

"The majority of Republicans, 63% say it's ok they died. Only 10% of Democrats."

Sounds like your typical conjured numbers again, Dweeb.

CITE your source please...

The Independent Voter

About time. I am very interested in reviewing this.


Trying to prove some point that one type of life is worth less than other? How Trumpian!

Gene Pool Chlorinator

And Dweeb playing the Race Card for the win!!!!

The Independent Voter

GPC, Dweeb acts as if we aren't on to his kind - as if I'm going to crumple to my feet at the mere suggestion I'm a racist. Of course, Dweeb knows nothing about me, my background, etc., yet feels safe classifying me this way or that. Dweeb is the real bigot! Lefties are the worst haters around. Only THEY would throw the term "racist" around after a majority of Americans elected a Black President, race relations deteriorated dramatically in those right years for reasons they are unwilling to explain, then rally behind an old, senile white man who reeks of privilege and often says racist things. Wow. Hypocrites!

The Independent Voter

You're a real piece of work, Dweeb, trying to put words in my mouth. You continue, through your presentation here, to demonstrate why to never cast a vote for a leftist like yourself. But you are absolutely right about one thing - I am voting for Trump. There are a ton of reasons why - but one of the biggest is that I know you will totally lose whatever is left of your mind when he gives his acceptance speech. LOL!


I'd gladly give your life for one of them back dweeb.


Once again my children quibble about right or left. Lol. Funny that folks hitch their star to a guy who would NEVER invite you to his home—at any point in his life and NEVER break bread with you. He believes you are beneath him. Lol And still you worship. So funny.

327 pounds of blubber. 5 BK’s. 3 wives—two immigrants. Worst comb-over in history. Dates adult film stars in age of AIDS —takes home to wife who evidently LOVES it. Faked his SAT tests. Draft Dodger. Bright red face—and neck. Espouses QAnon conspiracy comic book theories. Does NOT read his state of the world briefings. Watches the cable news all day for tips on his policy decisions to coordinate for goal of highest ratings. 400 visits to his resorts in 3 years—after pledging he would be too busy to golf. Grabs women anywhere he wants—great role model for the evangelicals that don’t mind how or how many he grabs; cuzz he cuts big income earner taxes so God comes in waaay after FatBoy. His own sister —a federal judge says he’s a liar only out for himself.

I could go on and on. I follow no man. I make my own decisions. I respect wife and daughter. I put God first.

So it’s entertaining to see y’all Good Old Boyz kisses the feet of a NY shyster who is laughing at you Rubes and Gomers. Jethro is what he calls you. Jethro. True story. In NY Magazine. Called all Dust Boel immigrants Jethroes. Lol Lol

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