Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham addressed the 800-pound gorilla right away: She is not happy with Donald Trump’s lewd comments, recorded from a live mic 11 years ago and revealed by the Washington Post on Friday, two days before Sunday’s Trump-Clinton debate.

But then it was time to get back to our regularly scheduled program: Hillary Clinton must be stopped.

“The report card for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, even graded on a curve, is an epic fail,” she said.

And campaign trickery like the suspiciously timed release of that old audiotape of Trump’s crass commentary is simply a diversionary tactic, she said.

“It’s about 11 years ago, it’s about Miss America,” she said, implying Democrats need to change the script from their performance in power to Trump’s self-inflicted injuries.

“The ‘smart people’ have been wrong on issue after issue after issue and we’re gonna take this country back,” she said to cheers.

“She’s so smart,” Ingraham said of Clinton, her sarcasm evident. “I remember the fawning about Hillary Clinton. Well, what part of the world got more stable under Hillary Clinton?”

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Yeah, 2 dollar gas, the ability to refinance your home at a low rate after you lost half your homes value under the last administration, less body bags coming home, a rebounded auto industry, an almost tripled stock market, two bullets in Bin Ladens brain, a better regulated financial industry, healthcare for the poor seven year olds who refuse to go to work, all while battling the most ineffective legislature in U.S. history. More epic fails please.

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