Liberal syndicated radio host Bill Press speaks in the political tent at the 2016 Bakersfield Business Conference on Saturday.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s derogatory 2005 comments about women make his defeat by Democrat Hillary Clinton a virtual certainty, nationally syndicated radio show host Bill Press told a sparse afternoon audience in the political tent at the Bakersfield Business Conference.

Appearing at the Republican-heavy festival made him uneasy, Press said, noting: “I called my wife and I said, ‘I don’t know what’s going on. I sort of feel like a fire hydrant in a room full of dogs.’”

But after the Friday release of a hot mic recording of Trump discussing an attempted seduction and his approach with women, Press said he tore up a speech about how the nation got here and where it goes next to examine the beleaguered Republican candidate instead.

“There is no way Donald Trump can win in the next 30 days. It’s not so much what Hillary did to him, it’s what Trump did to himself," he said.

The question now facing Republicans, he said, is whether to stick with their candidate “and go down with the ship” or try to rebuild.

Press laid out scenarios for Nov. 8 revealing, he said, that Trump will fall more than 100 electoral votes short of the 270 he’ll need to win.

But he warned audience members not to get cocky.

"You still have to get out and vote. You still have to get your friends out and vote," Press said, pointing out that Bill Clinton will come with Hillary.

"You know with Bill Clinton in the White House, it’s going to be an entertaining next four years. And as a talk show host, I can’t wait," said Press, host of The Bill Press Show.

Listener Kim Mishkind wondered how the two parties can mend fences.

Press said he thought Clinton, if elected, will focus on helping the middle class, resolving income equality issues "and get some things done."

"And I don’t think you do that by calling them names," Press said, referring to the other side.

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