It was not a great day for the Republican Party in most of the country Saturday, but you'd never suspect anything was amiss with the GOP presidential candidate at the Bakersfield Business Conference, a sea of red, white and true-blue American conservatism.

The end of the Bakersfield Business Conference’s program is reserved for special guests, and this year featured a triple dose with a military twist.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s derogatory 2005 comments about women make his defeat by Democrat Hillary Clinton a virtual certainty, nationally syndicated radio show host Bill Press told a sparse afternoon audience in the political tent at the Bakersfield Business Conference.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham addressed the 800-pound gorilla right away: She is not happy with Donald Trump’s lewd comments, recorded from a live mic 11 years ago and revealed by the Washington Post on Friday, two days before Sunday’s Trump-Clinton debate.

As the political tone of the Bakersfield Business Conference reached a crescendo, with James Carville and Ann Coulter interrupting each other over who interrupted whom first, there could only be one antidote.

Dr. Ben Carson, the only Republican during the primary season to offer a true challenge to Donald Trump, said nothing about the controversy crippling his former rival during his address at the Bakersfield Business Conference.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders is a lonely woman. Perhaps not literally, but certainly in a political sense. As the “token” conservative in America’s most liberal city, she routinely finds herself defending conservative positions -- any and all of them, for many years now. …

Bakersfield’s Kevin McCarthy joked that his powerhouse panel of former governors would address the elephant in the room, but that’s about as close as the congressman got - even obliquely - to the controversy enveloping his party’s nominee for president.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has earned a reputation as “America’s toughest sheriff” by housing Arizona prisoners in tents and cutting meat out of their diets, but in a Bakersfield Business conference speech he said he's got a huge soft spot for Donald J. Trump.

With 21 Bakersfield Business Conferences of stories to tell about world leaders, A-list entertainers and sports legends, George Martin is the dream dinner companion. There was the time Jesse Ventura, Martin’s pick for all-time worst guest, nearly poked Nancy Reagan in the eye with a cigar. O…

The tents are going up at Cal State Bakersfield and the tickets are just about gone, no surprise considering the Bakersfield Business Conference is a once-in-six-years extravaganza put together by George Martin, the city’s impresario of impresarios.

The Bakersfield Business Conference will return to Cal State Bakersfield next year, organizers said in an announcement that also named four more people — a television icon, a business leader, a political commentator and a talk show host — who have signed up to speak at the event.